ESPN’s Max Kellerman has upset the track community world-wide with his outlandish statement aired on his show First Take. Kellerman who was having a debate about history’s most electric athletes, wouldn’t accept any track athletes in his top spot, and in turn dribbled out the following;

“It’s only a sport by a very broad definition. It only tests your fast twitches, right? Like, how fast can you go from Point A to Point B? How fast can you do that? Well, that’s an athletic ability but it’s only one specific kind. We don’t know his manual dexterity, we don’t know his ability to think on the fly etc, which is why track & field stars are usually failed football and basketball players. The best athletes — because that’s where the money is — go to basketball and football and the others fall down to track & field. Track is not a sport and you only get into it because you’re a failure of an athlete and not tough enough.”

The backlash, articles like this written about his idiotic comment and twitter abuse continue to follow.