Jon and Bryan from Go Be More podcast speak with Olympian, world record holder, hall of famer, and consummate performer Willie Banks.

Willie made a name for himself by being the best triple jumper in the world. But he wasn’t just the best in terms of how far he jumped, he was the best at putting on a show. You know the clapping that all jumpers do before they head down the runway. He invented that. (Though a few drunk Swedes deserve a little credit, as he tells us).

Willie learned that the connection between the athlete and the fans was what matters the most. It’s what makes the fans come to the meet and what pushes athletes to reach their potential. And this is the mindset he’s bringing to his new role as member of the World Athletics Council. As he explains, it’s about the performances. Every organization, including track and field, needs to focus on creating memorable performances, making connections with the fans, and building affinity.

Getting to speak to a legend in the sport is always a treat, but Willie’s infectious enthusiasm and story-telling made this episode really special for us. We can’t wait for you to hear it.


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