Brad continues to hit his stride and gets to his 100 day running streak.

Julian literally, almost goes on the wrong side of the tracks.

Brady sorts out his achilles problems and tries to reset post marathon training.

2017 London Marathon winner Daniel Wanjiru provisionally suspended for violating doping sanctions. Athletics Weekly Report

Listener Question of the week from Zach asks about how to go about integrating hills with training and then Moose on the Loose gets stir crazy in isolation and then takes it out on relief teachers

Scott Nicholas returns with the final first-round introducing the last group performances in the 64 nominated and the previous week’s winners.

Ralph Doubell 800m victory and world record in the 1968 Mexico City
Melissa Rollison takes Silver Medal in the 2006 Comm Games Steeplechase in Melbourne

Dave Chettle’s dramatic victory in the 1978 Choysa Auckland “Marathon”
George Blake finishes 6th in both the 5 Mile & Marathon in the 1906 Intercalated Olympic Games in Athens

Craig Mottram’s 12:58 2006 Commonwealth Games Silver Medal
Lee Troop breaks Ron Clarke’s 5000m National Record in Melbourne Track Classic in 1999

Kerryn McCann wins the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games Marathon
Peter Bourke wins the gold medal at the 1982 Brisbane 800m Comm Games

Lisa Martin wins solo at the women-only 1988 Osaka Marathon
Pat Carroll wins the 1995 Beppu-Oita Marathon in 2:09:39

Margaret Crowley runs 4:01.34 in the 1996 Bislett Games, Oslo
Andrew Lloyd wins the 5000m in the 1990 Auckland Comm Games

Ryan Gregson sets the 1500m National Record 3:31 in 2010
Merv Lincoln runs the second fastest mile of all time in Dublin 1958

John Landy is the second human to break the 4 minute mile in Turku, Finland
Gen Gregson sets the Australian Steeplechase Record, at the Paris Diamond League 2016

Steve Jones and Sophie pick up from where they left off last week, seeking redemption after pulling out of the Chicago Marathon in 1983 by returning the next year by breaking Rob De Castella’s World Record while still working full time for the RAF and running the 10 000m in the Los Angeles Olympics along the way.

Steve goes into his “recovery” after that iconic Chicago Marathon, his training philosophy at the time and partnership with coach Bob Wallace before going into the much-hyped 1985 London Marathon where he raced against Charlie Spedding and a dodgy quiche to take out the win in a course-record time.

Steve and Sophie then recount the famous 1985 Chicago Marathon where Steve obliterated the field, breaking both the pacer and out of Deek’s shadow to a comprehensive victory and then witnessing Deek’s best performance at the 1986 Boston Marathon.

Steve then recounts 1987 Boston Marathon where he faced off on a stacked field and the 1988 NYC Marathon where he ran 2:08:20 going into a typical training week of that era.

This great conversation concludes with his role in modern running passing on his coaching philosophy and experiences, what he would change looking back and what he’d relive.

1985 London Marathon: