Julian’s heart rate gets high, prompting to get his nutrition right and lets Ellie take the reins of his training.

Brad puts in some cross country reps and learns to go half-in.

Brady is kept on his toes by Archie Reid.

Berlin Marathon cannot proceed under German government ruling, discussion about what races could happen for the rest of the year. Runners World

Listener question from Simon asks the boys to wax lyrical about half marathon and marathon progressions.

Moose on the Loose is building for a reckoning, but for now goes for some Moose on Merber.

Scott Nicholas concludes the first round of the Greatest Australian Performance of all time and begins the second round.

Herb Elliott’s Gold 1500m at the 1960 Rome Olympics
Trevor Vincent’s Gold Medal in the 1962 Perth Steeplechase

Graham Crouch’s 5th place in the 1974 Christchurch Comm Games
Kate Anderson winning 5000m Gold at the 1998 Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games

Derek Clayton’s 2:08:34 marathon world record in Antwerp 1969
Tony Manning’s Gold Medal in the steeplechase at the 1970 Edinburgh Commonwealth Games

Noel Clough winning silver at the 1966 Kingston Commonwealth Games
Edwin Flack’s 800m & 1500m Gold Medals at the 1896 Athens Olympics

Ron Clarke’s 5000m WR of 13:16 in Stockholm, 1966

Dave Fitzsimmons’ 5000m 13:17 in the 1977 Dusseldorf World Cup

Dixie Willis setting the World Records in the 800m & 880y in Perth, 1962

Charlene Rendina wins the 800m Commonwealth Games Gold Medal in Christchurch 1974

Dave Stevens beats Emil Zatopek’s 6 Mile Record World Record in Melbourne 1956
Krishna Stanton’s 8th place Warsaw World Cross 1987

Bill Scott runs 28:18 for 10 000m in Box Hill 1974

Rob De Castella wins the Commonwealth Games Marathon Gold Medal in Brisbane 1982

Benita Willis wins the World Cross Country Championship in Brussels 2004
Tony Benson’s 5000m in Stockholm 1971 in a stacked field

Albie Thomas sets 3 mile WR in Dublin
Jim Bailey becomes the 2nd Australian to run a sub-4 minute mile in Los Angeles

Dave Power’s double Gold Medals in the 6 mile and Marathon in the 1958 Cardiff Empire Games
Simon Doyle clocks a 3:49.91 Mile in Oslo in 1991.

Collis Birmingham places 8th in the 2013 World Cross Championship Bydgoszcz, Poland
Steve Moneghetti’s 1st place in the 1992 Berlin Marathon in 2:08:16

Ralph Doubell 800m victory and world record in the 1968 Mexico City
Dave Chettle’s dramatic victory in the 1978 Choysa Auckland “Marathon”

Craig Mottram’s 12:58 2006 Commonwealth Games Silver Medal
Kerryn McCann wins the Melbourne Commonwealth Games Marathon

Lisa Martin wins solo at the women’s only 1988 Osaka Marathon
Andrew Lloyd wins the 5000m in the 1990 Auckland  Comm Games 5000m

Merv Lincoln second fastest mile of all time in Dublin 1958
John Landy runs the second ever sub-4 minute mile in Turku, Finland

Ben Buckingham, the 9th fastest Australian 3000m steeplechase in 8:27 chats with Brady about growing up in Myrtleford, going through some of his personal bests and stories including not knowing how fast he was running his fastest steeplechase in Spain. Ben gives an update on his current situation with training and work before looking back to his junior days in the Vic Country Athletics, being coached by Nick Bowden while running for Wodonga and then eventually with Nic Bideau with Melbourne Track Club.

Ben talks about living the dream running a European athletics season before qualifying and representing St Stephens Harriers and Australia at the World Athletics Championship in Doha, as well as his interests outside of running including using his legal expertise in sports law to help out his teammates.