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Brad pulls the pin on sessions and takes a break mentally on the road to recovery.

Julian keeping up with Run Club and rebuilding his fitness and looking towards Steigen Spectacular.

Brady gets in what he can before surviving a beer mile and his bucks party.

Listener question from John asks the boys for their future plans for the year ahead.

Next week is the Fukuoka Marathon and Brad caught up with Brett Robinson ahead of his marathon debut. They have a brief chat about his preparation on depleted runs at Falls Creek, setting ambitious goals and support from Sinead Diver – tune in next week for a detailed recap of Brett’s race and more on his running history.

Listener Shane asks about whether getting VaporFly 4%’s is worth the investment for mid-pack runners and Moose is on the Loose over internet sales eating into the business local shoe retailers.

Tara Palm is this week’s guest on Inside Running coming off a tight duel against Caitlin Adams at Victorian 5000m Championships ahead of her preparations for Zatopek:10. She chats with Brady about the depth in South Australia and how her start in running involved trying everything from steeplechase to cross country. Tara talks about making the transition to higher volume training loads and making her debut Australian teams with the Ekiden Relays and then the back injury in the lead up to the 2009 World Cross Country Championship in Jordan. From there Tara overcomes a series of injuries, surgeries and the patience needed through recovery to set a comeback for the 2013 World Cross Country Championship, only to succumb to another set of injuries. She talks candidly about dealing with injuries as well as her life balance, support network and inspiration looking ahead.