Sinead Diver guest hosts after her Melbourne Marathon win and trains for Zatopek with MTC.

Julian comes down with a flu and struggles to keep up with Collis Birmingham.

Brad takes the reigns over from Brady, keeps a streak, also comes under the weather.

European Cross Country in Tilburg features Jakob & Filip Ingebretsen of Norway winning their respective age categories.


Jimmy Gressier stubs his knees on celebration.


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Monday mornings be like… ______________________ #athletics #track #trackandfield #athlete #xc #tilburg2018 #yoursportforlife

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Abu Dhabi Marathon sees fast times shadowed by contentious distance measurement.

IAAF Race Report

Let’s Run Discussion

Video disputing course length.

IAAF Qualifying Standards for Doha released.

Getting Aussies to Doha –  a look at the 2019 World Champs Qualifying Standards

10 years since the passing Kerryn McCann commemorated in the Rundown.

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Listener Joe asks how to maintain motivation when you don’t see improvement, and Moose on the Loose against Instagrammers lying about their training sessions.

This week’s guest is Brett Robinson chatting with Brad, starting with a debrief on his recent Fukuoka Marathon. They go through his splits, what happened that caused him to withdraw, what he learned from the experience and how he’ll will approach his next attempt.

Brett then talks about getting into athletics, his influences in the sport and when he decided to turn pro. He walks us through some of the decisions in progressing the ranks, dealing with injuries and intense cross-training, the self belief needed on the start line and gives some insight and some of the training and banter that goes on within the MTC as well as on social media.

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