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Julian prepares and hosts the Gold Rush Trail Run.

Brad continues to postpone Strava but gets back into pre-injury mileage.

Brady’s now married and getting back into the training and hosting routine.

Stewy McSweyn dominates Zatopek:10 to claim back-to-back victories ahead of Jack Rayner and Jack Bruce.

Hitomi Niiya is also a clear winner while Sinead Diver places second to take out the National 10,000m Championship. Rose Davies and Luke Graves win the Junior 3000m while Whitney Sharpe and Matt Ramsden take out the 1500m.

Official Results

Expectations not met, but still a good Zatopek: By Len Johnson

Listener question from Benny asks about how differentiating training paces from easy paces aids with adaptations and then Moose on the Loose draws the line on Inside Running’s responsibilities as a podcast, before closing out with a preview of this Saturday’s Steigen Spectacular.

Owner and founder of Steigen, and 2006 Commonwealth Games 5000m finalist Louis Rowan chats with Julian, about how he got into middle distance running with the Geelong Veterans, as well as finding the right coach with matching training philosophies.

Louis talks about the road to qualifying for the 2006 Commonwealth Games, primarily as a 1500m runner and ultimately through the 5000m following a breakout 2005. He talks about the shocking scenes in the Kenyan rooms before going through his performance while blighted by a back injury that would ultimately put an end to his career.

Louis then talks about what motivated him to start Steigen, where the name comes from and some of the lessons in starting and expanding the business worldwide. He explains what Steigen stands for in supporting athletics and athletes before closing with how the Steigen Spectacular came to be, how it’s all about the athletes and making it accessible for a wider audience.

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