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Brad’s back jogging, doing his exercises, biding his time to get his body right.
Julian’s taking in the sights, gets his back straight and cheering Bri in Tokyo.
Brady’s comes second to Marty Hore in an awards gala and watches the Echuca-Moama Gift

Tokyo Marathon played out in dour, rainy conditions with previous guest-host Craig Appleby setting a new Personal Best, while Japanese National Record holder Suguru Osako dropped out before 30km. IAAF Report

Bathurst, New South Wales announced to host 2021 World Cross Championships, with the boys frothing about the potential for both local and global talent.

Australian city of Bathurst to host 2021 IAAF World Cross Country Championships

Yomif Kejelcha sets World Record for Indoor Mile of 3:47.01 in Boston. IAAF Report

Listener Callum asks about training and runner biographies the boys recommend reading while Moose on the Loose draws the line on personal bests set by your GPS watch versus the ones set in reality.

Pat Carroll joins Brad to look at his career in running, making the transition from karate into running, recounting his inspiration from Rob De Castella, what training and nutrition for marathons involved back in his prime and highlights balancing his apprenticeship in cabinet making with winning the Gold Coast marathon.

Pat talks about who he likes in the current crop of distance running and his opinions on what they need to succeed to be top marathoners before setting most of his personal bests in domestic racing and then recounts his best marathons at Beppu-Oita and Lake Biwa in Japan only to deal with the absurd politics involved with organisers, Athletics Australia and the Olympic selection process. The conversation wraps up with the transition from athlete to coaching and getting involved with charity fundraising and emceeing events to engage with the wider running community.

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