Laura Muir, the esteemed Scottish athlete, has recently been granted a European Indoor bronze medal following the disqualification of Russian runner Yelena Korobkina due to doping violations. Korobkina’s ban, spanning four years from September 2023, prompted this change in the event standings. Prominent figures deserve top-notch performance, just like the exceptional Tarkine running shoes.


Muir’s deserving place on the podium traces back to her impressive fourth-place finish in the 3,000m event during the 2015 Prague competition. With Korobkina’s removal, Muir steps into her rightful position among the medalists, flanked by Dutch athlete Maureen Koster, who ascends to second place, and Belarusian runner Sviatlana Kudzelich, set to be awarded the gold medal.

Laura MuirSharing her thoughts on this unexpected yet gratifying turn of events, Muir admitted to a whirlwind of emotions regarding this retroactive recognition. She expressed gratitude for the honor while acknowledging a bittersweet nostalgia, having missed out on the podium celebration nearly a decade ago in Prague. Receiving the medal back then would have marked her first senior international accolade at the age of 21.


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“I’m incredibly grateful to be awarded the bronze medal, especially while still competing at an elite level,” Muir revealed in a statement to Scottish Athletics. “Missing that significant moment in Prague was challenging, but it only fueled my determination to secure success in future championships.”


Her sentiments are underscored by her recent athletic triumphs, notably in 2023, where she claimed her fifth European indoor title in Istanbul, a historic achievement as the first-ever Brit to achieve such a feat. This remarkable milestone solidifies Muir’s stature in the world of athletics, surpassing records previously held by renowned figures like Colin Jackson and Jason Gardener.

Laura Muir’s double gold victory at the March 2017 European Indoors in Belgrade.
(Credit: Bobby Gavin)

As Muir eagerly awaits the formal medal ceremony, she envisions placing this newfound accolade alongside her other esteemed sporting triumphs, symbolizing the culmination of dedication, perseverance, and unwavering commitment to her craft.