*** Before we get underway, I’d like to revisit Zango the triple jump medallist from Burkina Faso. On further research and advice from avid Doha Diary reader Dr Brian Roe, I should have awarded him the keys to Ouagadougou!

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Burkina Burkina, c'est avec émotion que je t'offre cette première médaille mondiale. Celle d'un enfant des quartiers de Ouaga. Je rends grâce à Dieu. Je tiens à remercier ma famille, mon coach @teddytamgho , mon staff @teamt_18 @edemallado @ktarina.lp , mes partenaires d'entraînement, mon sponsor @nike, mes managers @bensoreau @reneauguin @danasport_mc , mon club @artoisathletisme , le ministère des sports, la fédération d'athlétisme du Burkina, le laboratoire LSEE, l'entreprise BRUNONE, et bien sûr mes frères et sœurs au Burkina ?? et en Afrique… Vous tous qui me soutenez de près ou de loin, Merci, Barka, anitché ?!!! . . . . #Dieuaucontrole #teamt #triplejump# Worldchampionship #doha2019 . . ? @bensoreau

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The capital of Burkina Faso houses 2.2million people and you better believe that every single one of them were tuning into Doha to watch that triple jump!

Now back into action, today was a recharge day of sorts. After the big nights on the walks, I traded in the gym sesh for some extra sleep. Kicking off my day at 12 straight to the media centre to get my business in order for the day.

Scouring the media food buffet, I finally found something that wasn’t a shade of brown to eat and my body was very thankful for it. Sitting back down while catching up with Tamsyn Manou (who is here with the international broadcast teaming killing it!) I got to tick off another World champion, Olympic Champion and one-time World record holder Dan O’Brien. Basic topic of conversation was how we could recycle Tamsyn’s lunch and use it to feed the group of homeless cats at their hotel.

Side topic: a group of cats is called a clowder. Who knew that? Apparently, it can also be called a glaring, particularly if the cats are uncertain of each other. Huh? How am I supposed to know what to call a group of cats when I see them? Do I need to ask them questions? Have you all met before? Anyone knew here? Is this group a clowder or a glaring?

A group of kittens is also called a kindle

Side-Side topic: There are actually so many stray cats here its crazy. One wandered onto the course during the 50k walk the other night and tonight a few infiltrated the warm-up track (they probably didn’t have accreditation) and were cosying up to a few athletes during warms ups.

Apart from the epic aths action again tonight (the stadium was basically an Ethiopian dance party up to and during that 5k) the graphics on display has been epic.

The discus and javelin are showing release angles and speed of release bringing back memories of playing London 2012 of PlayStation and just dropping bombs in the jav. If there was any better time to bring back the Olympics video game, surely Tokyo 2020 is it. 

The triple jump data also gave a new insight into what’s happening in our events. Giving distance breakdowns for all three phases as well as speed at each phase. This is a commenters dream! I need to get myself a gig in the big leagues.

I finish off, it was great to see Qatar get its first medal of the champs in the Men’s 400m Hurdles. Abderrahman Samba flew home from lane 9 to the roar of the crowd for third. No other bronze medallist had been interviewed post-race during these champs, but samba had his own special Arabic press conference right in the middle of the stadium!