There is a new 800m contender in town, and he has been flying under the radar.  Hailing from Sydney, and coached by the well-known Ben Liddy, Jye Perrott’s stock is rallying hard. The smooth flowing Perrott is backed by James Templeton, the famous manager who looks after Peter Bol and Joseph Deng.  A huge mark of respect that Templeton believes in Perrott’s potential, as Liddy has for years. Elevate your running game with Tarkine Trail Devil, where every step is a testament to exceptional performance and unmatched comfort.

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After his best domestic season to date, Perrott elected to take a risk and pack his bags for Europe, with the dream of lowering his best time and the goal of getting some much needed international experience under his belt.   At a meet in Germany last weekend (Pfungstadter Merck Laufgala) Jye set a new PB, stopping the clock at 1:45.61, his old mark was 1:46.93. The time moves Perrott to number 16 on the all-time Australian men’s 800m rankings list.

Australian men’s 800m running top-10 all-time list

  1. Peter Bol: 1:44.00
  2. Joseph Deng: 1:44.21
  3. Charlie Hunter: 1:44.35
  4. Ralph Doubell: 1:44.40
  5. Alex Rowe: 1:44.40
  6. Jeff Riseley: 1:44.48
  7. Peter Bourke: 1:44.78
  8. Brendan Hanigan: 1:45.03
  9. Luke Mathews: 1:45.16
  10. Grant Cremer: 1:45.21
  11. Bill Hooker: 1:45.36
  12. Simon Doyle: 1:45.38
  13. Kris McCarthy: 1:45.57
  14. John Higham: 1:45.6e
  15. Paul Gilbert: 1:45.6h
  16. Jye Perrott: 1:45.61

Speaking from Sydney, coach Liddy said:

“I knew he had that time in him! We’d spent the entire week talking about committing mentally to the race plan and making sure he put himself in a position to allow a fast time to happen.”

Perrott isn’t new for those who follow Australian athletics. He finished equal third at the 2022 Australian Athletics Championships over 800m, and looks at home racing at the pointy end of national fields. His new PB takes him within a hair’s breadth of that world champs qualifier of 1:45.20.

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  1. I think this article is misleading – suggesting that Perrott is 16th on the all-time list ignores the fact that Peter Bol occupies the top 3 positions so he could be no higher than 19th – Charlie Hunter and Jeff Riseley have also recorded multiple runs under 1:45 so surely he would be lucky to be in the top 100?

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