In episode 216 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation with Jonny Brownlee – Double Olympic & Commonwealth Medallist, 2012 World Triathlon Series Champion (Part 1) in this featured performer edition.

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Jonny Brownlee is the Olympic Games Triathlon Silver Medallist and the London Olympic Games 2012 Triathlon Bronze Medallist.  Jonny was the World Triathlon Series Champion in 2012, Silver Medallist in the World Championship in 2013 and 2016, Commonwealth Games Silver Medallists in 2014, Former u23 World Triathlon Champion in 2010 and staggeringly from July 2010 to May 2014 Jonny finished on a podium in every race he entered which was 42 races in a row.

Jonny is the younger brother of the Brownlee brothers; the brothers are not just triathlon history makers but world sport history makers. In 2012 Jonny and his elder brother Alistair became the first brothers together on a podium for an individual Sport at the Olympic Games since 1908 and then again in 2016 Jonny and Alistair became the First British Brothers to ever win first and second in an individual event at the Olympic Games. Then at the World Triathlon Series Grand Final in Cozumel in 2016, the sports world witnessed one of the great sporting gestures, when older brother Alistair stopped to help heat-illness stricken Jonny across the finish line and some have said that this helped to restore faith in modern sport.

In part 1 of this conversation, Jonny shares round how Alistair First Great British triathlon kit inspired him into the sport while Jonny’s schoolmates thought that Triathlon involved running a horse. Jonny reflects on his London and Rio Olympic Games successes, outlines the importance of staying relaxed and yes we discuss the Cozumel heat illness episode and the learnings Jonny has taken from it.

Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Jonny’s well-being
  • How his brother left an impression on his Triathlon career
  • Initial impressions about Triathlon
  • His experience in London Olympic Games
  • Podium finishes
  • Changes during his 2012 career
  • Rio 2016 Olympics career highs
  • Hip Injury
  • Heat adaptation during Rio Olympics
  • His experience in Cozumel with brother Alistair
  • His relationship with Alistair
  • Best track session
  • Power output on bike at the Rio Olympic Games Triathlon

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“I’m a very rationale person I like to think things through all the time.”
“The sport keeps you grounded.”
“I have always told myself all I can do is try my very best on the day.”
“I’m in great shape, if someone beats me today than fair play – there’s nothing else I can do.”
“As an athlete you spend your life lying to yourself.”
“There’s absolutely no jealousy whatsoever.”
“At times it’s important to show that there are things more important than competition, there are times when we need to come together to help each other.”

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