About the Event

The 2023 United Airlines NYC Half is a race to surely add to your calendar. Taking you through 13.1 miles of New York City Streets from Brooklyn to Central Park it’s a wonderful way to experience the city. Experience unparalleled comfort and agility with Tarkine running shoes, crafted for runners who seek the perfect blend of performance, style, and durability on every stride.

Beginning in Brooklyn near Prospect Park runners cross the East River traversing the Manhattan Bridge by foot. From Manhattan the race continues along the Lower East Side, up to Midtown, pacing through Times Square for a finish in Central Park.

In 2023 the event takes place on Mother’s Day and the same weekend as St Patrick’s Day. This means you can enjoy the parade on Friday and combine these important events!

Demand for places is high as the event attracts more than 24,00 runners from across the globe.

What it’s like as a runner

Testimonial: Stevie, 41
This is a truly fantastic race experience, my first half I travelled internationally for. It’s just as iconic as the marathon itself. Pacers are present if you’re looking to hit a PR, there are water stations every two miles or so, plenty of bathrooms and a fully stocked medical tent.
The incline over the bridge took me by surprise, it was definitely a little tougher than expected but awesome to pace my way over. Rolling into the downtown area hearing the crowd cheering gave me a feeling I had never experienced before; the passion of the New Yorkers fuels you! The crowd isn’t quite as large so some parts of the race are quiet, those are the stretches where I could get into my pace and groove. There are only two times a year they typically close Times Square: New Years Day and for the United Airlines NYC Half. It’s a surreal experience compared to the typical bustling thoroughfare.
As the race drew to a close the pain started to build and I grinded my way through Central Park, unable to soak up much other than the cheers until I made the finish.
Be careful, you’ll likely cross the line with an itch to chase the Abbott World Majors!

Insider Scoop on the Event from Marathon Tours AU

When & Where: 19th March 2023, New York City, USA

Weather: March in New York can be very brisk, average temperature range from 0-10 degrees Celsius. You should assume it’ll feel a few degrees under that temperature. So, depending on the wind/humidity/lack of sleep/whatever, you can add a hat, arm sleeves, leg warmers, etc. Always add things you can get rid of easily and won’t miss. If you’re not sure about a layer, keep in mind that once you leave the park and get to the bridge, it can get a little windy there.

Course Description: The race will begin in Brooklyn before taking runners across the East River via the Manhattan Bridge. Once in Manhattan, runners will race along the Lower East Side, up to Midtown, and through Times Square before finishing in Central Park. The 2023 course details are still being finalized, expect some elevation when you cross the bridge and some rolling hills in the park

Highlights: New Yorkers are very passionate, expect big crowd support during the race. Arrive on the Thursday and enjoy the St Patricks Day Celebration on the Friday. Every March 17th at precisely 11 a.m. about 150,000 people march along 5th Avenue in Manhattan to honour the patron saint of Ireland. This massive procession is the largest and the oldest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the world. Try not to overdo it with carb loading on the green beer!

Marathon Tours & Travel have a 3-night (Fri-Mon) package: https://marathontoursandtravel.com.au/united-airlines-nyc-half

Shot coverage from the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge and across the bridge of wheelers, runners, volunteers, spectators etc.