The 2024 TCS London Marathon witnessed an extraordinary feat as 76-year-old Jeannie Rice, a remarkable presence in the running world, surpassed her own world record in the women’s 75-79 age bracket. Crossing the finish line in a remarkable three hours, 33 minutes, and 27 seconds, Rice showcased an incredible improvement from her previous record achieved just last October in Chicago, at the age of 75.

Rice’s accomplishment transcends mere record-breaking. Not only did she dominate the W75-79 age category at the TCS London Marathon, finishing an astounding 30 minutes ahead of her nearest competitor, but she also outpaced the men in the 75-79 category by an impressive 11 minutes. Her average pace of 5:03 per kilometer, equivalent to an eight-minute mile, at the age of 76, over the challenging 42.2 kilometers, is nothing short of remarkable.

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This latest triumph adds to Rice’s already illustrious career in distance running. Holding the women’s 70-74 marathon record, which she set in 2018 at the age of 70, Rice has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is achievable in her sport. Her dedication and talent have earned her numerous master’s world records, establishing her as one of the most exceptional athletes of her generation.

Despite her remarkable performance at the Boston Marathon last year, where she finished just 10 seconds faster, Rice’s achievement in London stands out. While her Boston time remains impressive, the course’s point-to-point, net-downhill nature renders it ineligible for record purposes. Nevertheless, Rice has conquered all six Abbott World Marathon Majors, triumphing in her age category each time.


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A true embodiment of perseverance and dedication, Rice splits her time between her hometown of Mentor, Ohio, where she lives and trains for six months of the year, and Naples, Fla., where she spends the winter months honing her skills. Her commitment to her craft and relentless pursuit of excellence serve as an inspiration to athletes of all ages.

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As the running world eagerly awaits official confirmation from World Masters Athletics (WMA), Rice’s record-breaking performance at the 2024 London Marathon stands as a testament to her unparalleled talent and unwavering determination.