The brand that backs Australian 1500m gun Olli Hoare is back, another sweet shoe, from the Swiss owned running shoe company.

The ON CLOUDULTRA is – you guessed it – a trail shoe. Similar to the CLOUDSTRATUS, but for trails. With chunky lugs and plenty of cushioning, the CLOUDULTRA is built for long miles and provides a firm, grippy ride.

Runner’s Tribe were lucky enough to put a pair of CLOUDULTRA’s through their paces. Below is our review.



  • Type: Trail shoe.
  • Cushioning: Moderate, the midsole foam is relatively firm, not a soft ride.
  • Upper:  High quality mesh.  Reinforced with thicker mesh around the toes, and sides, to protect the feet from rocks, tree roots etc.
  • Midsole: Rubber/EVA based cloud pods.
  • Midsole density:  A firm ride.
  • Flexibility: Quite stiff.
  • Outsole: Strategically placed lugs on a full-length outsole rubber.
  • Weight: 341 grams for men’s size 11 US. See comparison table below.
  • Stack heights: 28mm heel, 20mm forefoot.
  • Drop: 8mm.
  • Heel width: Narrow.
  • Heel counter: Firm but is quite flexible and can be bent.
  • Sizing: Buy half a size up.
  • Toe Box width: Narrow.
Standard narrowish toe box found on all ON shoes


  • Toe box height: Medium.
  • Is it quick?  For a trail shoe, it is pretty standard speed wise.
  • Cost: $269.95 AUD at ON’s Australian website.

Stack Height and Weight Comparisons


Shoe (all size US 9 Men) Weight (grams) Drop(MM) Stack Heights (forefoot/heel cushioning)
ON CLOUDULTRA 295grams 8mm 20mm/28mm
Nike Pegasus Trail 314grams 10mm 21mm/31mm
Hoka Torrent 2 266grams 5mm 18mm/23mm
Brooks Caldera 5 300grams 4mm 29mm/33mm
Hoka Speedgoat 4 306grams 4mm 28mm/32mm
Hoka Challenger 275grams 5mm 24mm/29mm
Hoka Stinson ATR 5 343grams 5mm 32mm/37mm
Hoka EVO Mafaete 2 291grams 4mm 29mm/33mm


As seen above, the ON CLOUDULTRA is competitive on weight and cushioning.


Cool things about the ON Cloudultra


–       Sustainability:  ON report that about 5% of the shoe is made using recycled materials.

–       Looks cool:  All of ON’s shoes look cool. The Swiss owned company brings a European design to all of their shoes. Cannot argue with that.

–       Durability:  The CLOUDULTRA is built to last. With high quality thick outsole lugs, combined with a built-up reinforced mesh upper, I cannot see it falling apart anytime soon.

Awesome Grip: Their lugs are strategically thought out and work well to create shoes with awesome traction on pretty much any level of trail.


Flip Release: On those long runs, our feet swell, potentially causing significant discomfort. To avoid having to stop to loosen your laces, ON have created a Flip Release, which is a  plastic device attached to the bottom rung of the lace on each shoe. If you feel like you need extra forefoot room, flip the device, and it will release the pressure across the widest part of the forefoot. Brilliant thinking ON.

Flip Release to loosen up the forefoot durling long runs, if needed

Neutral Ponderings

–       Hard Foam: For those who enjoy soft cushion, this is not that shoe. The CLOUDULTRA provides a very firm ride.

To Buy?

CLOUDULTRAS retail for $269.95 at ON Running’s Australian store. Expensive but you pay for what you get. If you like a firm ride, then this has got to be the best option out there.

Disclaimer: Runner’s Tribe were given a pair of CLOUDULTRAs for free.

Written by Sam Burke for Runner’s Tribe. Tested by Ross Johnson and Sam Burke.