Athletes looking to get the most out of their workout sessions or training regimen are taking the help of technology. Gadgets and fitness tracking applications galore, and their use adjust to individual training needs. In addition to monitoring diets, they help monitor your progress while keeping you motivated until you reach your fitness or training goals. 

Performance stats are critical towards achieving your fitness goals as it gives you a clear picture of your progress so that you make the required changes in your regimen or diet. Health and wellness goals are easier to achieve when you have the support of an efficient mobile application. Additionally, the current lockdowns worldwide are also one of the setbacks that people need to adjust to. According to WHO, people should try to be as active as possible. It can improve both physical and mental health, which is extremely important during these difficult times. Here are some applications that can help you stay motivated and not lose sight of your goals. 

Nike Training Club (NTC)

Advanced fitness and strength training with minimum equipment is possible with the aid of the Nike Training Club app. This free app offers an incredible collection of workouts designed to accommodate athletes looking to achieve different fitness goals.  

Irrespective of whether you’re an advanced athlete or just a beginner, you can choose from a range of 185 workouts designed by Nike’s Master Trainers. The best thing is that you can browse for workouts depending on factors like strength, mobility, intensity, muscle groups, and even workout duration. You also can choose plants that comprise a mix of yoga sessions, body-weight exercises, and working out with equipment.

Depending on the fitness goals, you also have the options to customize the challenges. Thus, you have the opportunity to check your schedule, progress, and related activities. You also get access to exclusive instructional videos that can be used while working out. Video tutorials help you perform each exercise safely. The Nike Training Club allows you to share your workout progress with others on social networks, which is excellent for motivation if you’re working out in a group. 


MyFitnessPal is the calorie-tracking app for people who find it difficult to control their weight. It’s among the top calorie-tracking apps in the market as it connects to a huge database of food. 

It’s super easy to install and use this app, and you just need to choose the foods from the database while recording them in the app. Barcode scanning of food is also available, so you can always import your recipes, and the calorie counter will inform you of the total calories in the food you’re eating. This app provides terrific insights into your diet and region-specific recipes. 

Adidas Runtastic Running 

Adidas Runtastic Running App is among the oldest mobile applications catering to the fitness segment. Fitness lovers, bikers, and runners will find this app incredibly helpful as it not only record workouts and track progress but also offers an efficient map route supported by the in-built GPS. 

Performance statistics are presented in charts and graphs, which makes it easier for you to analyze your performance. These analytics track everything from your time, speed, and distance to altitude pace and calories burned. 

Another feature is that you can manually add activities, including the treadmill, weightlifting exercises, and spinning. You even have the option to create a customized training plan as per your muscle groups and schedules. Social media options are also available so you can share your training plan, schedules, and even achievements with your friends and colleagues. 

Map My Fitness

Under Armour has created an app that focuses on multiple fitness areas, irrespective of whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete. The fantastic features offered by Map My Fitness is that it facilitates the creation and achievement of different fitness goals.  

Shunning the general approach for fitness goals, users can create customized fitness programs from a collection of 800+ workouts provided by the app. You always have the opportunity of adding the latest exercises developed by trainers at Under Armour to your favorite list. This app lets you track sets, loads, and even reps for every workout session. 

5/3/1 Strength

Strength training is a huge challenge, and guesswork won’t take you anywhere, so it’s time to adopt the 5/3/1 training mode. The app uses Jim Wendler’s ideas of generating a fitness regime according to an athlete’s present lifts. You will get a detailed overview of reps, sets, and weights based on the repetition maximum. 

The app gives you access to the predefined exercises, but you can even add assistance exercises as per your needs. Configure the max training percentage, weekly training order, and the number of cycles. The applications offer you an entirely new world to explore and create a customized training program for maximum impact. 

Using Mobile Applications Safely

It’s not a great idea to keep installing apps without worrying about security. Mobile apps can be used by hackers and scammers to steal sensitive or critical data from connected devices. In many cases, trackers or cybercriminals could intercept unprotected data transfers. If you intend to safeguard personal finance and other data from hackers, you should install a VPN on Android. It also offers a secure channel for communication between your device and the server. Thus, hackers or scammers won’t be able to steal any data from your device while you’re busy burning calories.