Max Burgin, an U20 runner from Yorkshire, England, has lowered his UK U20 record, in Trafford England, to 1:44.75.

Mens 800m A
Pos Perf Name AG
1 1:44.75 Max Burgin PB U20
2 1:47.10 George Mills PB U23
3 1:50.24 Max Wharton SB SEN
4 1:52.40 Ben Lee U20 M

With a rabbit for the first 400m, Burgin went through the 400m in 51 seconds, holding strong by himself for the final lap.

Speaking to the British Milers Club for a post-race interview Burgin said: “It was an ideal season opener, really. “I just went for it. A 51-second first lap, exactly on the pace, and then just pushed on from there. Tried to go as fast as possible and came away with a good time.”

“I’ve been doing some good training. Obviously it has been a bit disrupted, as has everyone’s training. There was certainly a point a couple of months ago where everything seemed to be up in the air, no one knew what races were going to happen, but we just kept training and working on the assumption that something would come together and we ended up here.”