Gold Coast Ultras and Wild Earth Australia are pleased to announce that they are working together to present the Wild Earth UTGC 500 kms trail race to be held in the Nerang National Park from 23-30 September 2019.

This race will be the longest trail race in the world and is already attracting substantial interest from overseas competitors.

With an elevation gain the equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest twice, the race is also one of the toughest in the world.

Gold Coast Ultras has been conducting ultra marathons (beyond a marathon) for the past 20 years and is owned and managed by veteran ultra runner turned administrator, Ian Cornelius. Ian is a former President of Australian Ultra Runners (9 years) and is Life Member of that organisation.

Cornelius says “I ran 550 kms in 6 days in 1994 so if I can do it, then the present day runners, many of whom are much better than I ever was, will have no trouble at all. The race is on 25 kms loops. Walk that in 5 hours per 25 kms loop, times 20 is 100 hours, which still leaves 44 hours for naps.”

Complementing the 500 kms are shorter events of 200 miles, 100 miles, 100-50-25 kms. The 50 kms and 100 kms races form part of the prestigious Asia Trail Master circuit. Many of the Asia Trail Master family are
expected to attend.

Wild Earth is Australia’s #1 outdoor store for people who truly crave adventure. With more than 240 leading outdoor brands from Australia and around the world they provide ultra racers and outdoor adventurers with a huge range of high quality, reliable products. Wild Earth is a strong supporter of local events and will head up the expo for the duration of the event.

Wild Earth General Manager, Chris Somerville, said, “Wild Earth is very excited to support this great event.

There has never been an event close to this distance before in Australia, and the Gold Coast and its Hinterland are the ideal location and provide the perfect backdrop for the influx of visitors from interstate and around the world who’ll compete in The Wild Earth Ultra Trail Gold Coast.”

The events will be based at the Nerang Cycle Centre and are from Tuesday 23 to Monday 30 September. More information is available online at