Austria is proud of its professional tennis player Dominic Thiem. From birth, he had problems with his knee joints. But this did not become an obstacle to playing tennis, and at the age of 23 he was in the top ten tennis players in the world in terms of the ATP. Where he firmly established himself, not paying attention to some unsuccessful performances. Here Dominic Thiem you will find additional information about the athlete.

Interesting Facts

You can learn more about Dominic’s life here wiki. Here are some facts about him:

  1. Many sports publications have nicknamed Dominic the “Prince of the Ground” in the likeness of the sports pseudonym of the Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal, who is called the “King of the Ground”, since they are good at meeting on clay courts.
  2. Tennis coach Bresnik wrote a book about a young Austrian. In it, he used a lot of biographical facts. He described the athlete’s childhood and youth and, staying with him until 2019, displayed every day of the young athlete’s life in the book.
  3. Dominic went through a lot in his life, became an adult and restrained person, but even his patience came to an end when a verbal skirmish took place at Roland Garros. An athlete from the United States, Serena Williams, stopped the press conference of the Austrian tennis player and, through authorized representatives, demanded to immediately leave the media room.
  4. In 2020, many photos were posted on Instagram showing Tim with a penguin from the Norfolk Islands colony, whom he took under guardianship. Prior to that, he was engaged in charity work to protect endangered groups of tigers, and then they were the stars of his publications.
  5. Dominik was born in Wiener Neustadt on September 3, 1993, in a family of athletes. Father and mother, Wolfgang and Karin Tim were tennis coaches. Dominik was the first child in the family, after 6 years they have another son, Moritz, who also plays tennis.
  6. The connection of Dominik’s parents with sports marked the beginning of his sports career. A very small Dominik (3 years old) moved with his parents to Vienna, where his father was offered a coaching position at the Gunter Bresnik Tennis Academy, whose students were B. Becker and P. McEnroe.
  7. Starting from the age of 6, Dominik, under the coaching of his father, begins to play tennis, and after 3 years, G. Bresnik became his mentor. At first, training sessions were held 3 times a week, but then Bresnik meetings became every day. The young athlete was running along forest paths with weight on his shoulders, using stumps for this. The founder of the Tennis Academy has always convinced his students that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. The young tennis player noticed a huge surge of energy from a little strange lesson, despite the fact that his parents wanted to break the contract with Gunther.
  8. Since the teenager quickly gained height, 16 cm in a year, he developed health problems. Immunity was weakened, which led to frequent illnesses of the teenager.
  9. Having injured his tendons, the Austrian did not make it to the Japanese Olympics and the Wimbledon tournament in 2021. Having plans to participate in the Australian Open, the athlete has not yet completely recovered from the injury, he decided it was right to refuse this championship as well.
  10. In 2017, Kristina Mladenovic, also a professional tennis player of Serbian origin, penetrated the fate of Dominik. Her game has been noticed by many prominent coaches.

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Sports career

Since the beginning of 2015, the tennis player has taken part in several quarter-finals at competitions in Marseille, Miami and Munich, which were the springboard for prestigious competitions for men. But the young tennis player failed at the meeting in France and only once won the games of the Wimbledon tournament, justifying himself with little experience and some personal interference.

The 2021 season has been marked by a number of lapses and misunderstandings. At the Australian Open, the tennis player defeated M. Kukushkin, Dominik Koepfer, N. Kiryos. And the 4th stage of the match ended in failure for Tim and the victory of Grigor Dimitrov in 3 games.

After a certain period of time, the Austrian tennis player again spoke about himself at the Masters cycle competition held in Madrid. Mutua Madrid Open for Thiem is interrupted in the quarterfinals at the duel with A. Zverev. At Internazionali BNL d’Italia, the tennis player reached the 3rd cycle, where a battle took place with the Italian tennis player Lorenzo Sonego, which turned out to be a failure for Dominic in 3 games.