For professional athletes and those obsessed with running, 2020 has been a wild year. Many athletes and professionals are typically fuelled by deadlines, goals, and the next big race. Since it is unknown when typical races will begin again, some runners are struggling to find motivation in their fitness regimen. Although most of the people who are obsessed with running have continued to hit the pavement throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, exciting races and goals still seem far away. Virtual races and smaller events are beginning to crowd the calendar. It is time to get your race day essentials together and get in shape for your next race. Even if you choose to run a virtual race, having a goal to work towards is important.  In this article, we will reminisce about five amazing marathon moments that will inspire you to run your next race.

1. 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials

The two individuals that finished first and second in the 2020 Olympic trials were unexpected and riveting. Aliphine Tuliamuk and Molly Seidel are both young runners with minimal marathon experience under their belt. Aliphine is from a family with 32 children and grew up in rural Kenya. For Molly Seidel, the olympic trials were her debut marathon experience. Both Molly and Aliphine are known for wearing some of the best running shoes in the professional running world. The determination and grit of these women is empowering for runners everywhere.

2. 1984 Los Angeles Olympics

1984 was the first year that women were allowed to compete in the Olympic marathon event. Since the first time women were admitted to the Boston Marathon in 1967, women were finally able to complete this long distance race on an olympic platform. After a long journey to establish a place for women in the sport, Joan Samuelson demanded attention with her swift marathon completion.

3. 2016 Boston Marathon – Patrick Downes

We are all too familiar with the tragic Boston Marathon bombing that occurred in 2013. After losing his leg in the 2013 explosion, Patrick Downes was committed to completing the Boston Marathon in 2016. We ran this race to offer hope to the city of Boston and to the running community. After an emotional race, Patrick crossed the finish line and was established as the first Boston amputee to return to the course and complete the race.

4. 2019 Boston Marathon – Andrew Peterson

Andrew Peterson is a marathoner with special needs. Throughout this life, he has been an avid runner, averaging between 75 and 100 miles a week.  He is one of the few special olympians who has qualified for the Boston Marathon event. Andrew ends every run and every race with a glowing smile. This energy and joy is inspiring to athletes across the globe.

5. Toronto Waterfront Marathon – Fauja Singh 

Fauja Sinh was the first person over the age of 100 to complete the marathon. This awe-inspiring feat demonstrated the determination that Fauja had to complete an entire marathon. 


As you gear up for your next race, it is inspiring to look back at the stories of success in the past. For decades, people from around the globe have been completing marathon races. The body is an incredible system that has the ability to support you for 26.2 miles. By looking back at the inspiring stories from the past, you can gain encouragement to become the best athlete you can be.