There are many good reasons why you should run on a daily basis. Some people do it to lose weight, others to join a marathon; others run to boost their health and there are those who do it to try something new. Whatever the reason for you to start running, there are numerous physical, mental and emotional benefits to be reaped from this sport. Here are the top five reasons why running is good for you.

The mass of runners crossing Tower Bridge. The Virgin Money London Marathon, Sunday 24th April 2016.
Photo: Thomas Lovelock for Virgin Money London Marathon

1. Running improves your health

Running helps every aspect of your health. Physically, the cardiovascular activity is boosted which improves blood circulation and oxygen distribution throughout the body helping wade off heart diseases. Running will help in maintaining a healthy body mass index as well as regulation of blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It also increases bone density fending off osteoporosis as a result. Including running to your fitness routine will also boost your immunity making your body more effective in fighting germs.

Running also improves mental and emotional health. There are fitness trainers and coaches who collaborate with best resume writing services report that the ‘runner’s high’ is not a myth because as one runs, the brain releases the chemicals called endorphins that boost moods and are responsible for the general happiness of an individual. Moreover, this is an effective stress reliever because too much stress can have some serious health implications. Irrespective of your reason to run, be it to clear your head while running or to burn out the pent-up energy, running helps put things into perspective and gives you the drive and motivation to embark on your goals.

Mo Farah Newham EB, Jonathan Mellor Liverpool Harriers and John Beattie Newham EB lead the Elite Men’s Race. The Vitality London 10,000, Monday 30th May 2018. Photo: Thomas Lovelock

2. Running helps you lose weight and maintain it

Running is a cardio intensive exercise that burns calories with every stride you take. For this reason, it is inevitable that when you run regularly you will lose weight. Running exercise most of your body parts and burns calories across your body. This is an excellent exercise for people trying to shed excess fat and get in shape. However, if you are already at the weight you prefer, running will be helpful in maintaining it. Running is important as it improves metabolism ensuring that your food is broken and assimilated into the body in good time. Drew Henry, a dietician who collaborates with the company where you can find college essays for sale advocate for running to be part of your routine. Running encourages development of lean muscle mass which stimulates healthy metabolism. In addition to this, running helps in regular and healthy bowel movements. The increased heart rate and blood flow stimulate the contraction of your intestinal muscles helping with quick and efficient movement of stool. A lot of weight comes from retained toxins in the digestive system and with running incorporated into your routine, this will be a thing of the past. 

3. Running is free

Unlike many physical exercises that require some sort of investment such as gym memberships or expensive equipment, running is relatively free! You only require a pair of sports shoes and running friendly clothes. These are things that you probably have at your disposal or that you could acquire quite inexpensively. It saves you money in case you are asking yourself “should I start running?” and are worried that you do not have extra money to invest in the exercise. You can literally head out your door and run almost anywhere. Within the estate, Sidewalks, forest trails, even when travelling you can run on the road. Running is a great way to start your physical activity goals without the excuse of lack of funds to invest in the endeavor. Additionally, with a space limited area, you can run in a loop for several laps or do a stationary jog in a spot. There is literally no limitation to running in terms of how much you would invest into it.

4. You will make new friends while running

It generally starts as the random people you meet on the trail while you run. These people become regular and familiar faces on the trail and just as you notice them, they notice you. People who run in a specific area tend to form a community and this alone has been a motivation why some people run. They hold each other accountable on their fitness and exercise goals and as time goes by, this extends to the social aspect. You will eventually start spending more time with one or two people from this community. You will share in experiences, both good and bad and some of these relations develop into fully fledged friendships. You will rally together for causes that encourage and uplift others like fundraising marathons or runs that create awareness for things like environmental conservation, wildlife, heart health or even security watches in the neighborhood. Even if the community bond does not necessarily become social just being part of the group that runs a certain time and trail is enough to give you a sense of belonging and togetherness with the lot.

5. Live longer

One of the most sought-after elusive things in life is the proverbial fountain of youth in the bid of delaying the aging process. This may not be so elusive and unattainable with running included in your routine. With the aforementioned benefits of better health and weight in control, one tends to generally look youthful and energized.  Jeremy O’brien, a fitness essayist at EduJungles recommends running as a form of exercise especially for college students as a way of achieving longevity. In addition to this, running promotes neurogenesis – the process behind new nerve cell growth. This greatly helps combat age related mental decline. Your mind-body coordination is maintained because your neurons are regenerated frequently. Vital functions in mental ability such as problem-solving, switching between tasks and multitasking, and memory remain top notch. There are studies that maintain that running will help guard against Alzheimer’s disease that affects cognitive ability. Even if weight and health is not something that you struggle with, improving your overall longevity is something that you think about at some point in your life and why you would start running. 

Running is not as intimidating as it seems to a lot of people. Most people are afraid that including running in their routine means running for miles and miles on end or joining a marathon. Including a simple ten-minute run in your schedule and being consistent at it is sufficient for you to reap all the benefits that come with running. The simplicity of this alone is probably what makes running so important. However, it is worth trying running and/or switching and mixing with other routines to find a fitness regimen that works perfectly for you and your goals.