Running is a great way to have your recommended physical work out. It helps in cutting and maintaining weight and enhances your overall health and wellbeing. Through running you can meet and make friends. Running contributes a large percentage in your happiness because it helps relieve stress and releases the chemical endorphins that stimulate joy. It is, therefore, an activity that may want to include into your routine. Here are tips of how you can get into running on a regular basis.

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Set specific goals

It is important to identify a specific reason for why you are incorporating running to your routine. Without a goal to look forward to, there will be nothing to look forward to in the run. Treat your goals as the prize to be won. Your goals could be, but not limited to: –

  • To get motivated and benefit from the runners high
  • To Clear your head and relieve stress
  • To lose weight
  • To prepare for a marathon
  • To push your limits and challenge yourself


If you have set your goals, you should stick to it no matter what. In case you decide to run every morning but you can’t cope with all your homework or writing tasks, you can ask for help from reliable writing services such as Essay Writing Service and go to bed on time.With a clear reason why, you will not have any difficulty heading out of the door for a run. For good measure, have an accountability journal to keep track of the progress on the set goals. As you tick off items on your list you will be motivated to set new goals and set out running to achieve them.

Create a schedule and adhere to it

Without proper planning and management, time can seem to slip away from you. Just like any other important element in your life, create time for running. You can start by either two days or three days in a week at a specified time to do your run. A running schedule will give you more control of your activities and will eliminate the stress that comes with trying to fit it in when you are fully occupied. Plan your other elements around your running schedule so that you do not compromise on it and find excuses to avoid it.

Just start

A lot of things fizzle out and are forgotten because of the lack of courage to begin. Running is no different. The desire and wish alone are not what will start the exercise. Therefore, get over the limitations that are most likely self-imposed and start running. It may not start off as what you desire and that is why you need to have a beginner’s running plan because as time goes by you will get better at it. You will be motivated that you got the courage to start and be driven to keep doing it. There is an adrenaline rush that comes with knowing that you have the drive to do something even when you thought you could not and this drive will see you push hard to achieve your set goals and objectives. 

Run non stop

Anything done continuously for 21 days will become assimilated as a routine. Marilyn Lane, a psychologist who works together with Perfect Essay recommends you to create your running routine, it is best to have the discipline and willpower to do it non stop for as many days as possible. The more you do it, day in, day out will make you identify running as something that you must do on a daily basis or your stipulated days. Avoid making a drastic change such as traveling in the days that you are creating your running habit otherwise you will start from scratch building it. There will be days that you will be tempted to slack and you will feel like your body is giving out. However, once you power through this, you will have started a workout routine. Running will become almost as easy to do like an everyday task of brushing your teeth. Once a habit is born of routine, you will not approach running with a resistant mind. You will do it as part of your dailies and you will not be content any time that you do not run.

Christiaan Greyling running into the rising son and dust of the drought stricken Koue Bokkeveld. Photo by

Run first thing in the morning

A lot of athletes and consistent runners report that the best time to schedule your run is in the morning. It plays a crucial part in jotting all of you awake. It stimulates the body, the mind and gives you a burst of energy and motivation to face the day. Doing this every morning will almost be addictive and you will be able to experience the difference in your days if you miss on your morning run. Scheduling activity right after waking up is a great motivator. It gives you a sense of responsibility and assurance of motivation throughout the day. It is also a very effective way to get fit for beginners and ensures that metabolism is optimized. There is nothing as refreshing as a morning run that you double up as a meditation session or plan out the day ahead. You venture into the day or week purposefully and within no time you will want to keep doing this frequently thus incorporating running to your routine. 

Join a running group

It can be difficult to maintain motivation levels all by yourself. Luckily, there are plenty of running groups that can help you accomplish this. These groups will keep you accountable and keep your eyes on the goal. With friendly challenges here and there to test your limits, running becomes an activity you enjoy and look forward to just for the engagement you get from the group. The only way you can be part of the group, however is by starting to run so that you can meet the bare minimum requirement of being in the group.

Have a positive mentality

Have in mind that your mental attitude will be either your greatest ally or enemy in the bid to incorporate running into your routine. Almost everything that you think you cannot do, will be unachievable. Likewise, affirming yourself that you can do it will go a long way in seeing that you achieve your goals. The body will want to quit even without trying. Be of a strong will and let your limbs listen to your mind and not vice versa. Creating a mental drive to power through the seemingly difficult endeavour will serve to boost your confidence and self-trust in other aspects of your life and knowing that you tap best at this internal strength while running will make you want to keep doing it over and over and without thinking about it, running will be part and parcel of your daily activities. 

There is nothing that cannot be achieved with a will power to do it, consistency and the discipline to attain it. Making running part of your routine will not be something you will achieve overnight. However, with the above-mentioned tips put into practice, you inevitably become somewhat of an authority to advise on what to do to achieve the fit. It is rewarding to accomplish goals that you set for yourself and tick off items you have set out to do when they become almost like second nature for you.