Inaugurating the London International Cross Country event at Parliament Hill was more than just a spectacle. The organizers, led by Eamonn Martin, aimed to fill the void left by the dearly missed Great Edinburgh XC. Their vision goes beyond, harboring ambitions to host the European Championships at this iconic venue. To experience, exceptional performance in running, choose the best footwear for your runs like Tarkine Trail Devil shoes.


Despite innovative attempts at crafting a fan-friendly course with hairpin turns, a beer tent, and a large screen, it was the athletes who etched their mark on the event.

Women’s Triumph: Donnelly and FitzGerald Shine Bright

Amid cheers and the resonating clang of cowbells, Abbie Donnelly and junior Innes FitzGerald emerged victorious in the senior and under-20 women’s races. Donnelly’s last-minute decision to participate, just 48 hours before the event, paid off handsomely.

Innes FitzGerald
Photo by: Calacus

Hailing from Lincoln Wellington, Donnelly secured victory by a commanding 23 seconds, leaving Lauren McNeil and Niamh Brown in her wake. Having already impressed at the Brussels Euro Cross, her win at Parliament Hill solidified her spot for the World Cross Country Championships in Belgrade on March 30.

Senior Men’s Race: Milner Prevails with Tactical Mastery

Milner, clinching the senior men’s race, harbors uncertainty about participating in the World Cross due to his 2024 focus on Olympic triathlon selection. The race showcased Milner’s astuteness in cross-country, strategically fending off challenges from Evans and Mahamed.

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As Milner considers Olympic triathlon dreams, his tactical win at Parliament Hill, holding off Evans and Mahamed, underscores his prowess in cross-country. Yet, the looming decision regarding World Cross participation adds a layer of complexity to his 2024 aspirations.

Selectors’ Conundrum: McNeil’s Strong Showing and World Cross Contemplation

Attention from selectors intensified, with senior victors earning an automatic World Cross spot. McNeil, finishing as the runner-up, remains in contention based on Parliament Hill, Inter-Counties, and the British Athletics Cross Challenge final.


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Selectors scrutinize McNeil’s robust performance, realizing that her second-place finish adds anticipation to her cross-country journey, with potential World Cross selection hanging in the balance.

FitzGerald’s Dominance: Rising Star in Under-20 Women’s Realm

Among the spectators, including cross-country luminaries like Dave Bedford and Liz Yelling, FitzGerald dominated the under-20 women’s race, affirming her status as a burgeoning star in the sport.


FitzGerald’s resounding victory not only captivated the audience but also firmly established her as a rising force in the under-20 women’s category, setting the stage for future international exploits.

In conclusion, the London International Cross Country at Parliament Hill transcended expectations, delivering a riveting and memorable day for both athletes and spectators alike.