The energetic buzz in Chamonix’s narrow streets echoed the historic moment during the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB). Thousands flocked to witness the conclusion of the punishing 106-mile race, renowned for its toughness and competitiveness. UTMB, spanning three international borders and encircling Europe’s highest peak, is globally acknowledged as one of the most demanding ultra-marathons, characterized by both a festive ambiance and a staggering elevation gain surpassing Mount Everest. There are many ultra-marathon footwear in the market today and one of the best is Tarkine shoes.


This particular UTMB etched a special chapter in history as Courtney Dauwalter, donned in baggy shorts and an oversized T-shirt, secured her third UTMB title. Her summer of 2023 not only marked a triple crown by conquering the Western States 100, Hardrock 100, and UTMB in a single season but also solidified her status as an unparalleled force in ultra-running. Dauwalter’s narrative, from a setback in her initial 100-mile race to becoming a dominant force, is a tale of resilience and determination.


A decade ago, at Run Rabbit Run in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Dauwalter faced the humbling experience of a did-not-finish (DNF). Alone and disheartened, she made a pivotal choice to transform into someone capable of completing 100 miles. Fast forward to 2023, and Dauwalter not only finishes races but excels, holding course records and maintaining an undefeated streak against female competitors since 2019.

Dauwalter’s triumphs extend beyond UTMB; her victories in the Moab 240 and other major races challenge conventional assumptions about gender differences in ultra-endurance sports. The ongoing debate on whether longer race distances neutralize gender gaps has gained traction, prompting research and discussions within the running community.


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Reflecting on her journey from a biology teacher to a full-time ultra-runner, Dauwalter underscores the mental strength required to navigate challenges. Her ‘pain cave’ mental exercise and positive mantras showcase her ability to tackle the toughest moments in ultra-running.

Research suggests that as race distances increase, the performance gap between men and women narrows, and in some instances, women even surpass men. Factors such as muscle fiber distribution, fat burning efficiency, and pacing strategies contribute to this phenomenon. While Dauwalter’s achievements in 2017 garnered attention, it is crucial to approach the subject objectively, recognizing both advantages and disadvantages faced by female ultra-endurance athletes.


The surge of women in ultra-running is evident in rising participation and faster finish times. At 38, Dauwalter continues to shatter expectations, challenging the conventional view of what is achievable in the sport. Her carefree approach, love for food, and commitment to living a fulfilled life exemplify her philosophy that success doesn’t necessitate sacrificing joy.

In a realm where rigorous training often overshadows the joy of sports, Courtney Dauwalter stands as a symbol of unconventional success, proving that embracing life’s richness can coexist with athletic excellence. As she continues to redefine records, Dauwalter’s legacy extends beyond statistics, inspiring a new generation of ultra-runners to push boundaries and pursue their passions.