Running stands out as one of the best physical activities kids can engage in. It provides many health benefits such as strengthening muscles, reducing stress, improving cardiovascular fitness and building bones. However, at some point, running around the gym or track will be boring even for the most energetic individuals.

The best way of engaging children in running activities is through participating in several fun running games. Such games let them get the much-needed exercise to be healthy. 

In this article, we will be sharing fun activities that make kids run. 

Heads up for fun running activities

  • Make sure you understand the kids’ limits
  • Ensure it is not too hot 
  • Get enough water for the kids when playing 

Creative fun activities for kids 

Whether you wish your kids to have fun and enjoyable soccer passing drills or physical education, the following activities are big hits with kids. 

Scavenger hunt

It is a classic game that is very popular and exciting to children. The aim of this game is to find treasure by solving several clues. Playing the game requires a huge outdoor space that has landmarks. 

For this activity, create a number of clues, with each clue directing children to the next until they find the treasure. A popular clue in this activity is to run to a designated place. 

The first clue includes running to the designated location. After getting there, the kids will have to find and decipher another clue before running to the next destination. The fun goes on until the kids eventually find the treasure, which is usually a toy or candy. 

Since the prize is at the end, kids should be running as fast as possible. To make the activity fun, some clues have multiple potential answers. This way, slow runners get a chance of finding the clue first and leading the game. 

Flag football

It is a fun activity without the physicality associated with American football. The play is similar to American football, although it does not require tackling. To show that a player has been tackled, people pull a flag from the player’s belt. 

The game’s rules eliminate kicking and ensure a kid cannot run the ball within five yards of the touchdown. These simple rules make the game a lot of fun for kids to play. 

Sharks and minnows

Although this kid’s running game resembles capture the flag, it is a lot easier to learn. Thus, it is perfect for younger kids who may struggle with the complex rule of capture the flag. 

The activity can take place in half a soccer pitch or a basketball court. Several kids can be sharks standing in the middle of the play area. The other kids will be minnows and will take a position on one end of the field. 

To start the activity, the sharks shout, “Fishy, fishy, fishy, come swim in my sea!!” In return, the minnows respond by shouting, “Sharky, sharky, sharky, you can’t catch me!” then try to run across the field without being tagged. 

The last one or two minnows will be the winners, and in the next activity, they will begin as sharks. 

Solve the puzzle 

It is a challenging game that integrates competitive running in puzzle-solving. The rules are easy, which makes the activity fit for kids of all ages. It requires 2 big jigsaw puzzles, envelopes for holding the jigsaw pieces (different colors for each team) and a vast outdoor playing area. 

Before the activity starts, the envelopes with puzzle pieces are placed around the play area in apparent places. Each team is assigned an envelope color to seek. As the game starts, each team will seek their envelopes. 

After each retrieval, they run to the starting point to open the envelope to reveal the jigsaw pieces. Once they place the piece, the groups will search for the next envelope. It will go on until a team finishes the puzzle to claim victory. 

Suitcase relay 

It is an unusual kids game but with tons of fun nonetheless. Besides testing the ability of a child to run, it tests how fast they can dress. For this activity, a small bag or suitcase is necessary for each team. Put random clothes in each suitcase (it is more fun if they are colorful and weird). 

To participate in this activity, kids are split into teams of between two and four players. For each team, the suitcase contains the same number of clothes. There is a start and a finish line with half of the players of each team on the start and finish line. The suitcase with the clothes is at the starting point for each team. 

Once the activity starts, the first kid in each team opens the suitcase and wears the clothes it contains on top of their clothes. Afterward, they will run to the finish line. After reaching the finish line, they swap the clothes with their teammate, who runs back to the starting point. 

The activity continues until all the team members get a chance to run. The team that finishes first will be declared winners. 

Multiple choice

This activity requires remarkable fitness and clever thinking. The activity can be customized to meet the age as well as fitness levels of the kids. It requires a large open area and a paper for writing clues. 

It begins with questions on a subject the kids have been studying or an interesting trivia for them. Place the pieces of paper in various locations across the play area. 

Players then run as a team to find all the questions. Once they find a question, one of them reads it aloud then the team decides the correct answer. Afterward, they will run to you to inform you of their answer. If correct, they will proceed to the next question. When the answer is wrong, they must do some exercise. 

The team with the most correct answers gets an award.