Following his absence from the World Championships in Budapest, British middle-distance runner George Mills faced a critical juncture: surrender to disappointment or recommit to his athletic journey. Opting for the latter, Mills embarked on an arduous path of rigorous training and unwavering focus. Experience the perfect blend of agility and support with Tarkine Trail Devil shoes, crafted for those who demand excellence in every run.


Despite narrowly missing out on the World Championships after placing third in the British trials, Mills refused to be disheartened. His dedication shone through in subsequent races, despite encountering hurdles such as a stumble in the London Diamond League.

A pivotal moment arose when Mills, sponsored by Swiss brand On, selflessly joined teammates Tom Elmer and Luke McCann in Switzerland to assist their Budapest preparations. Little did he know that this selfless act would become a turning point in his season.

The crescendo arrived at the Bowerman Mile during the Diamond League final, where Mills secured third place with an impressive time of 3:47.65, marking a significant milestone in his career. This achievement, among others, showcased his remarkable progress and determination to excel on the track.


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Under the guidance of coach Thomas Dreißigacker, Mills embraced an evolved training philosophy emphasizing endurance and high-altitude workouts. His dedication to this rigorous training regimen speaks volumes about his commitment and aspiration for continuous improvement.


While Mills’ journey reflects a story of resilience and relentless pursuit of excellence, he remains grounded. Looking ahead, he sets his sights on the Olympics, fully aware of the challenges that lie ahead. His unwavering determination and drive to compete at the highest level underscore a narrative of perseverance and ambition