Role Of Alternative Medicine Today

When a dietician prescribes you medication to control cholesterol but instead you decide to completely change your diet in hopes of reducing your weight and cholesterol level, this is called alternative medication. Most people choose alternative medication to seek a more natural way to heal themselves from diseases. It is even used for chronic diseases. 

Knee and ankle pain is one of the most common ailments and alternative medicine has been widely opted for. Though it is a popular choice and dates back to methods that are almost 3000 years old, it is often debated if these methods are safe and effective. Studies have shown that just because something comes under the ‘natural’ umbrella, doesn’t necessarily mean it is safe. It is important to keep in mind that the right balance is needed when considering alternative medicine for yourself or someone you know. 

Alternative Medicines to Ease Knee and Ankle Concerns

Alternative medicine is dated back thousands of years from different parts of the world and cultures. Today more than a hundred such treatments are still practiced. We look at a few which are known to ease knee and ankle concerns:

1) Ayurveda

This practice that has a history of more than 5000 years, is widely used in Southeast Asia. The focus is to heal ailments using a more holistic manner combining body, mind, and soul to create a harmony of the human body with its environment. Therapeutic massages help ease knee and ankle pain by releasing stress and tension. The oils used help reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation. 

2) Homeopathy

The approach behind this treatment is to use substances that can produce symptoms similar to your ailment. After understanding the root cause of the pain, a homeopathic remedy is prescribed which is effective in treating ankle and knee pain. The medication given has been known to cure patients with acute or chronic ankle pain. 

3) Chiropractic 

Chiropractors use gentle and non-invasive therapy. This treatment seeks to analyze and correct ailments with adjustment of the spine caused by bad posture or even trauma. An easy-to-fill online form is used by Chiropractic Health Centre experts to understand the core of your condition. Pain in the knees and ankles is released using the right method on the soft and hard tissues of the hips, ankle, and knee. Many patients notice more mobility and flexibility after a few chiropractic sessions. 

4) Reflexology

The practitioner of this method uses pressure to specific points in feet or hands to treat the part which needs healing. The idea behind reflexology is that specific points on the feet and hands correspond with other parts of the human body. It helps reduce short and long-term pain. Patients have responded to say that the beneficial effect of acupuncture has sometimes lasted up to 2 months. 

5) Naturopathy

This approach uses techniques like massages, acupuncture, exercise, and counseling and is a non-invasive treatment. Naturopathy promotes the use of massages and movement to promote tissue healing. 

Both modern medicine and alternative medicine have their pros and cons. A sound decision would be to combine alternative medication with allopathic medicine, with the assistance of expert advice.