Anorexia, which means “without appetite”, actually indicates a serious problem. From simple “not being hungry”, the person suffering from anorexia often develops an obsessive repulsion towards food. This often leads to malnutrition, suffering and, in the most serious cases, death. Can physical activity help or further endanger those suffering from it? The problem with anorexia also resides in its consequences, given that the effects last for years (if not forever) both physically and psychologically.

Look for a way to stay active

You have to be active both socially and physically, so you can restore both your physical and mental health. If you do the intense cardio activity, it may be difficult to put on weight, so you should reduce this type of training. Light exercises like yoga, on the other hand, can keep blood circulation healthy and promote a better feeling of physical well-being. In this period the temptation to isolate one-self may be strong, but it is important to resist. Spend more time with friends and family. If that is not possible, look for a way to get involved in the community you live in.

Keep yourself safe

Because of constant dieting and poor nutrition, the body of anorexic people is consistent with almost no muscle. When you are losing weight rapidly the first thing to go is the muscle. This leaves the body quite weak.

Because of this if you want to start exercising you need to consult a doctor first. You need to have a specific weight level. Start with light walking and slowly build up to jogging and running. Be aware that your body is exhausted and that it doesn’t have the strength that it used to have. Don’t overdo it and be careful not to injure yourself.

Ankle sprains and broken bones are a high risk for you. Because of this, it is important to have high-quality sports equipment that will help you not just with training performance but will also keep you safe. Find the equipment that is functional, comfortable and that makes you feel beautiful. If you don’t know where to start you can always find more here. Without proper nutrition, you are at risk of deterioration of performance and increased risk of accidents.

Running helps us feel alive

Running is not only about the freedom to express yourself, evolve and feel good. Running (sport in general) can serve to help prevent destructive behaviors and eating disorders that can undermine your health. Sport can help you have a peaceful relationship with your body.

Sport can restore a harmonious relationship in your body and makes it feel as a whole. It promotes the integration between mind and body, and therefore it helps with the improvement of the body image. Exercising can also be a great help during cognitive-behavioral therapy. It reduces the drive for thinness. It can reduce the use of abnormal calorie elimination practices introduced in diets. Exercising is accompanied by an improvement of the body structure. The body becomes more harmonious and toned, which further increases the patients’ sense of well-being.

Running gives us control over our bodies. The control that was essential to us during the fight against nutrition now gets a different perspective. Instead of controlling food intake, control now rests in the sensation of every muscle, as well as the newly created strength within the body itself. Running gives us the possibility to feel every fiber of our being as alive. It helps us focus on the positive things in life and healthy emotions. It helps us with boosting immunity, feeling healthier, calmer, and it makes it easier to achieve a balance of mind and body.

Positive body image

The condition of our body affects the mind and vice versa. Regular exercise increases the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain that are associated with improved satisfaction.

The problem of body image in people with anorexia nervosa is closely associated with the subjective experience of their body. They have the awareness of being thin but continue to “feel too fat”. The compulsive behaviors adopted (such as laxatives, diuretics, and intense exercise) have the same goal: to lose weight with the hope of “feeling” better about your body.

Sport helps us see our bodies in a healthier, clearer and more accurate way. Our body becomes vital, functional, and comfortable. A body that exudes health also exudes beauty.


In the US at least 30 million people suffer from some form of an eating disorder. At least one person dies every 62 minutes from them. When you are in the middle of the disease there is so much confusion. The truth is that it is of fundamental importance to undertake a real treatment path that lasts long term. It takes time to work on those problems with professionals specialized in eating disorders. You will need to learn again to love the world inside and outside you. It is a process of making peace with one’s past that continues to block the present through potentially deadly symptoms.