Running is one of the most exhilarating physical activities people take up. It can significantly enhance mental and physical health and is generally a good way of staying in shape. To efficiently and safely run, there are some important areas to cover. Runners typically rely on speed and endurance, and running alone is not going to cut it. To improve your agility, increase efficiency, and avoid running injuries, you should go for bodyweight training.

This type of training includes several workouts that target the upper body, core, and lower body strength. They can help runners have the optimal posture that improves their performance. Here is a list of some important bodyweight workouts for runners.


This is a beneficial exercise for body shaping, especially for your legs and glutes, which give you more power in running and walking. Doing squats regularly grants you flexibility, strengthens the muscles and joints, and protects against running injuries. By targeting glutes, quadriceps, hips, and hamstrings, squats improve your leg health. This in turn makes you much faster at running. You will also be less exhausted if you do not skip on any squat days.


Doing lunges is a great way to power up your legs and maintain a good posture. This fortifies significant running muscles like the glutes and helps in muscle stretching and flexing. It can benefit the stride and enhance the single-leg balance. This kind of training can let you train faster and longer with lower injury risk. Training your muscles well to improve running performance takes time and effort. You can check for more workout ideas you can easily do at home. Following a certain bodyweight workout can do wonders for your performance. You can also choose to add weights with this exercise but it’s optional.


Planks are highly efficient as they give stability and strength to your core. This is beneficial for runners, as having a strong core makes them run faster and maintain a better form. By building the muscles supporting the pelvis and spine, planks make it easier to have a ripped and strong body shape. The exercise also enhances flexibility and helps in weight loss. You can use its variations to your advantage depending on your needs.

Donkey Kicks

This workout is good for toning and stability. Other than the core and upper body, glutes are the main target here. They help you improve your technique in running and grant you sturdier lower body muscles. By performing donkey kicks regularly, you are taking the pressure off your quads and hamstrings to get stronger glutes and a powerful stride. They are beneficial stretching exercises for your hips, as the movements give better posture and prevent spine injuries and hip spasms.


Bridges are easy exercises that can be done anywhere. You typically lay on your back with knees bent and move your backsides and hips up and down. Bridges are good for hip mobility, a sturdy lower back, and flexible legs. They provide improved body support when you start running. They also help with strength gain and weight loss. Through managing back pains, bridges can help you have better posture and a painless running experience.


Many people don’t realize just how essential pushups are for running. They target the core, shoulders, and chest, all of which can aid in running faster. The upper-body strength you gain gives you the stability and sturdiness needed while running. 

It also minimizes the effort you need to make and lessens pain. Strong posture translates into better body control and fast running, which is why this exercise is so important. It is also telling of your body balance and the capabilities of your joints.


Want to take bodyweight training sessions to the next level? Plyometrics are the way to go. They are typically aerobic workouts that improve strength, endurance, and speed. Plyometrics often involve jumping, kicking, throwing, alongside explosive exercises that elite athletes and runners do to push themselves to their peak condition. When going for plyometrics, you should start slow for better results. These exercises increase speed and strength. They also help you get a better physique and work on making your performance more efficient. 

Runners enjoy the thrill of the exercise and the fun of pushing their body speed to its limits. Sometimes, running needs a boost to be better and faster. Runners may face exhaustion and get injured. This is where bodyweight exercises come into play. To have better control over your stance, more speed, endurance, and stability, you should add strength training to your agenda. This also helps prevent future injuries and manage pain. With the guide provided here, you can now learn more about some important types of training that will help you enhance your performance.