The cross-trainer is excellent for beginners as it allows you to ease your way into cardio exercise. We also know it as an elliptical trainer. It is a perfect choice while conditioning your heart and lower body because it causes less stress on your joints. The cross-trainer gets all the muscles in your body working, and it also improves your cardiovascular fitness and burns calories by getting your heart pumping.  

As a beginner, it is crucial to plan out your training on the elliptical to avoid overexerting yourself right away. Set up and follow an achievable routine that will get you fitter and allow for plenty of rest days between workouts. 

Once you become comfortable with the elliptical, you can increase the intensity of your workout. You can also try to cover more distance as you get fitter with each passing week to improve your fitness.

Are you a beginner looking to choose a good cross trainer workout? Or you want to add it to your routine, below are some tips to consider;

1. Frequency of Usage

Before you choose a cross trainer, you need to be conscious about your fitness goals.


If you are trying to keep fit or get back into the sport, go for an elliptical trainer with simple programs and a manual. These models will come with essential information and are easy and perfect for occasional use.


This refers to usage to lose weight or tone up. Go for a model with various programs, so you don’t get bored and become unmotivated. 


If you’re particular about developing your endurance and general performance, choose a model with as many features as possible. These models offer many programs and come with heart rate monitor and coaching solutions. It is ideal for intensive use.

2. Smooth Pedalling

By smooth pedaling, it means you should go for an elliptical trainer without jerks during motion. Choose a model with flywheel weight. This would improve joint comfort during use. The heavier the flywheel weighs, the more comfortable pedaling will be. Try out several models to find the pedaling level that’s comfortable and suitable for you.

3. Coaching

Depending on the models, cross-trainers offer distinct features. All cross trainers come with fundamental indicators to provide the information you need to get started as a beginner. Fitness professionals at Cardio Capital have revealed that the elliptical trainer is also weight-bearing, making it appropriate for building strong bones, muscle, and connective tissue. No wonder we often prefer it to use the treadmill or even running as it offers a low-affected workout compared to other options as it’s easier on the knees and hips. 

If you get an elliptical machine with arm handles, you get more than your entire body benefits from the workout. You can also use various programs available such as weight loss, performance development, and change workouts, track progress and develop workout performance.

4. Adjustment 

It is also worth noting that you consider cross trainers with adjustable handlebars and pedals. These models let you adjust the cross trainer to your body and make the exercise routine more comfortable.‍

5. Handling

Also, if you’re someone that’s worried about space to place your machine. You can also go for specific models with wheels. This makes moving your equipment whenever necessary a piece of cake.

Going very hard makes you sore, miserable and puts your body at risk of injury. Allow your body some time to build endurance and strength by easing into exercise. Remember to stop the workout at once if you experience dizziness, nausea, chest pain, or any other abnormal symptoms during exercise. Consult a physician or doctor immediately.

Written by Arthur Brown