If you have never gone for a massage, there are many benefits you are missing. In today’s world, everyone is busy running up and down, trying to make ends meet. Besides the usual activities, there are workouts, training, sports, and other strenuous activities that work out our muscles and tissues. With time, these muscles and tissues become worn out and tense, requiring a massage. If you have been to a massage parlor, you understand that there are different types of massage therapies, each with its benefits. You only need to choose the right one, depending on the satisfaction you are looking for. Here are the common massage styles and their health benefits.

1. Deep tissue massage

One of the most done massages is the deep tissue massage, which involves using pressure to get deeper into the muscles and tendons. 

This exercise fits individuals who do strenuous exercises or workouts and suffer deep muscle pains. As mentioned at EasyAlliedHealth.ca/, this type of massage targets the connective tissues that support and inhibit organs, bones, muscles, and nerves. Its main benefit is that it relieves chronic pain and best fits individuals who have arthritis. 

2. Swedish massage

Swedish massage is the most popular massage that anyone can do. The primary purpose of this exercise is to relax the body and helps to increase blood circulation by massaging the soft tissues. The processes involved in this massage include vibration, rubbing, kneading, bending, and stretching joints to make the body feel relaxed. The process helps to relax the body muscles without getting into the deeper tissues. However, regardless of its nature, an experienced massage therapist needs to do it for the best results.

3. Sports massage

If you are an active athlete in a sport prone to injuries, this is the massage for you. Sports massage is meant for all athletes, starting from the elite ones to the sports warriors. Most athletes prefer this massage before they go for training or before they warm-up for the sport. The primary purpose of this massage is to increase the blood flow, improve recovery times, and prevent injuries during play. It can be done before or after the game and tends to enhance the athletes’ performance. 

4. Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy is one of the ancient massage therapies practiced by our great grandfathers using natural herbs. Nowadays, this massage is practiced using essential oils, including lavender, peppermint, bergamot, and lemon, among others. The massage therapist will use the oils to carry out some of the massage types mentioned in this article, including Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, among others. The primary purpose of this massage is to make you relax or develop a good sleeping pattern. It has some medicinal benefits which significantly help the person undergoing it. For instance, for individuals working at night, massage can help them sleep well during the day. 

5. Prenatal massage 

Are you expecting a bouncing child soon? Prenatal massage could be the kind of massage you have been looking for. For women, prenatal massage is meant to relax muscles and relieve back pain, hip pain, leg pain, and other discomforts when pregnant. The massage also prevents swelling of these body parts due to the pressure. Also, experts have confirmed that this massage helps to reduce lower back pain, labor pain, and mental health of pregnant women. In some studies, the message has dramatically helped reduce premature birth, especially for women who greatly suffer from back pain, hip pain, and high blood pressure. Ensure that this massage is carried out by qualified personnel due to its sensitive nature. 

6. Hot stone massage 

The hot stone massage is a bit complicated and uses hot stones to relax and heal the sore muscles with little or no pressure. When undergoing this massage, the therapist will use a special kind of heated stone that they place gently on specific parts of the body. The type of stone is basalt, which comes from volcanic rocks. It’s best suited for the job since it holds heat for a long time. You can also request the use of these stones if undergoing Swedish massage to target the most affected parts of your body, including arms, legs, and the back.  

You can opt for other types of massages, including reflexology massage, trigger point massage, and much more to relax and cure your body tissues. It is essential to go for the best massage that fits your condition to get the most benefits out of it. Also, besides choosing the massage type, you have to find a qualified massage therapist who is specialized in all or the kind of massage you are interested in for the best outcome.