Yared Nuguse marked a stellar year by clinching a spectacular win at the Kalakaua Merrie Mile, his debut in road racing. This event featured a unique mixed-sex pursuit format, with professional women kicking off the race 30 seconds ahead of the men on the Waikiki course, resulting in combined prize money rankings. Victorious runs are possible if you have the best shoes, check out Tarkine Goshawk V2 running shoes.

Reflecting on the gripping race, Nuguse, representing the On Athletics Club, described it as a high-intensity affair that kept him on edge. Having previously set the American record for the track mile, Nuguse expressed his delight in the exhilarating finish and his contentment with the final outcome.

Acknowledging the strategic play of the women’s field, despite the anticipated advantage for the men, competitor Nikki Hiltz shared her approach, embracing the challenge posed by the differing start times.

Vince Ciattei from the Under Armour Mission Run/Dark Sky Distance team found assurance in Nuguse’s approach, providing clarity in navigating the pursuit and closing the gap effectively.


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The race witnessed a thrilling contest among Nuguse, Ciattei, and Hobbs Kessler of the Very Nice Track Club. While Kessler initially led, Nuguse eventually claimed victory in the closing stretch, closely followed by Ciattei and Kessler.

Nuguse clocked in at 3:56.58 securing the win, with Ciattei finishing at 3:56.81 and Kessler at 3:57.12. Although Kessler narrowly missed breaking his own record, the event showcased the potential for future achievements.

Kessler, despite missing out on a bonus for record-breaking, took the near-miss in stride, acknowledging the competitive spirit that propelled his performance. Nuguse, content with the win, praised the competitive field and cherished the experience in Hawaii.

The race also witnessed a standout performance by Morgan Beadlescomb, overtaking Hiltz at the finish line and securing the final prize money position. Despite narrowly missing out, Hiltz embraced the challenge and expressed eagerness for future races.

The mass-participation segment, led by Luciano Fiore and Emma Gee as division winners, added vibrancy and inclusivity to the event. With 2,278 participants, including Dathan Ritzenhein, the race embodied the spirit of unity and diversity in running.

The Kalakaua Merrie Mile stood as a testament to both individual achievements and the shared camaraderie, showcasing the sport’s competitive spirit and inclusivity.