There are all kinds of natural supplements to choose from that promise to deliver incredible benefits. One may claim to help extra pounds melt off without effort, while another may say that it fixes indigestion at the snap of a finger. However, many “natural” supplements aren’t backed by science, much less natural ingredients. They may have one or two herbal elements, plus some stimulants or fillers. Or, they could be composed of all-natural components, but not contain the advertised amount of active ingredients due to shoddy manufacturing processes. 

The NZT-48 supplement, on the other hand, is made with only the highest-quality ingredients that are sourced from around the world for optimum potency. There are no fillers, and each batch is carefully blended to ensure that the perfect concentrations are used every single time. 

NZT-48 ingredients

Given how powerful NZT-48 is, it only makes sense that the best ingredients possible were used. Here are the key players.

  • Huperzine A

This nootropic is sometimes used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s, thanks to its positive effects on memory recall and learning. It’s also associated with improved alertness and energy.

  • Phosphatidylserine

A naturally occurring phospholipid that protects brain cells and helps transmit signals, this nootropic is essential for clear memories. Because levels may decline with age, some people decide to supplement it to keep their minds sharp.

  • Ginkgo biloba

This plant is a popular nootropic that’s known for improving problem-solving skills, memory, alertness, and focus. It’s also associated with lowered oxidative stress, which has anti-aging effects on the brain.

  • Theobromine

This nootropic comes from cacao, as one of the plant’s active compounds. It’s associated with enhanced mental clarity, focus, and attention. It’s also thought to have neuroprotective effects that can promote long-term brain health.

  • Alpha GPC

This cholinergic compound is often used by athletes to boost power output, as well as by anyone else who wants improved memory, learning skills, and problem-solving abilities. These benefits are achieved by increased production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

NZT-48 benefits

Thanks to the 20+ powerful nootropics that are used in this supplement, users have reported the following benefits.

  • Better physical performance

You may have heard about pro athletes who swear by nootropics to boost their performance. This benefit isn’t as widely discussed as nootropics’ cognitive benefits, but it is something that many users report. NZT-48 can increase energy and stamina, helping people set new personal records in sports, exercise, or any other physical pursuit.

  • Increased motivation

This supplement is associated with feelings of motivation, even in chronic procrastinators. Even though scientific studies are a bit scarce that link specific nootropics to increased motivation, the fact remains that many users report experiencing this benefit.

  • Boosted creativity

If you suffer from brain fog, your creativity will probably constantly be low. This isn’t necessarily because you aren’t a creative person; in many cases, it’s because the brain simply isn’t firing on all cylinders. A quality nootropic supplement like NZT-48 can boost creativity, helping you find solutions, solve problems, and think outside the box.

  • Enhanced mental agility

What is mental agility? It’s the ability to multi-task, to plan ahead, and to adjust your strategy if it appears that the current one isn’t working out. Mental agility is one of the key benefits of NZT-48, thanks to the nootropics that specifically boost cognitive processing.

  • Reduced brain fog

Everyone seems to struggle with brain fog these days, which is possibly why nootropics have become so popular. Brain fog hinders you from being productive, and can even make you feel like you aren’t in control of your own life. When you use NZT-48 to reduce brain fog, you could find that you approach even the most complicated tasks without feeling intimidated.

  • Improved energy levels

Energy is another thing that many people want more of. Stimulants like coffee or tea (which are nootropics too, by the way!) can provide temporary energy, but they may also contribute to a crash later in the day. The nootropics in NZT-48 help users feel more energized, but without an ensuing slump as the effects wear off.

  • Increased focus

Some of the ingredients in NZT-48 are associated with improved neurotransmitter activity, meaning the brain can send more messages in the same amount of time. One of the effects of this may be improved powers of concentration, which is something that can help in almost any context.

The manufacturing process

Check out almost any nootropic, and you’ll see a lot of pretty impressive claims. Nootropics are substances that boost brain function in one way or another, so nootropic supplements technically have the potential to provide a lot of cognitive advantages. However, what you usually aren’t told is how well these claims match up with how the supplements are made. 

As mentioned above, there are often issues with the manufacturing process. Outsourcing is common, and manufacturers may use lower-quality ingredients to cut costs and increase their profits. When substandard ingredients are used to make nootropic supplements, it often happens that the amount of active ingredients vary wildly from what’s stated on the label. In fact, one study on natural supplements found that the quantity of active ingredient varied by as much as 429% compared to the labeled amount. When you’re dealing with something as powerful as nootropics, that could result in unpleasant side effects, or no effects at all.

This scenario is exactly what the team behind NZT-48 wanted to avoid. From the beginning, they were committed to producing a supplement that not only worked as intended, but maintained the same high quality for every pill. It’s made in an FDA verified lab in the US, by trained workers who use advanced computers and stainless-steel equipment. This ensures a consistent product, and consistent results as well.

The takeaway

There’s a reason why NZT-48 is so popular – it’s one of the most powerful science-based nootropics on the market. Users can enjoy an array of advantages, and have confidence that the product they’re using will benefit their cognitive function over both the short and the long term.