Olympic champion Michael Johnson has teamed up with Winners Alliance to launch an ambitious track league, a ground-breaking move meant to revitalize the sometimes-overlooked sport of track and field. This joint endeavor aims to elevate the sport above the brief exposure it usually receives during the Olympic Games and put it in the forefront all year long.

Widely celebrated as one of the greatest sprinters in history, Johnson is leading the charge in creating a league designed to captivate existing fans through a television-friendly product. Beyond mere entertainment, the collaboration with Winners Alliance also endeavors to empower track and field athletes by providing avenues for them to commercialize their rights. The league, set to make its debut in 2025, aspires to emulate the success and structure of major U.S. professional sports leagues.

Atlanta 1996, Michael Johnson

Expressing his profound love for the sport, Johnson commented, “It has been disheartening for me to witness the sport’s decline in the past few decades since my retirement, unable to offer the same breathtaking moments to audiences beyond the Olympic stage.”

Winners Alliance, a global athlete licensing and sponsorship firm, has committed an unprecedented seven-figure investment in this venture, marking a historic milestone for track and field. Johnson, along with stakeholders, is actively engaging with media partners, sponsors, and potential investors to pave the way for a groundbreaking initiative that places athletes at the forefront of the narrative.

Eric Winston, President of Winners Alliance, emphasized the unique emphasis on athletes, stating, “It’s not just about track; the athletes are the focal point.”


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While track and field enjoys international popularity, particularly during events like the world championships, it has struggled to maintain a consistent presence in the U.S. outside of the Olympic Games. Johnson sees an opportunity to reshape this narrative, stressing the potential for sustained viewership beyond major championships.

The collaboration between Winners Alliance and Johnson, a four-time Olympic gold medalist, goes beyond financial support. With a shared vision, they aim to tackle the commercial challenges faced by track athletes, leveraging Johnson’s insights garnered from his roles as an Olympic federation consultant and entrepreneur.


In ongoing discussions with World Athletics, the international governing body for the sport, Winners Alliance seeks collaboration rather than competition with existing entities such as the Diamond League. Johnson envisions his league complementing and elevating the status of the Diamond League, positioning it as more than just a preparatory ground for major championships.

With a keen eye on harnessing the excitement surrounding the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in Paris, the masterminds behind this venture are working to garner support from fans and athletes in anticipation of the league’s launch in 2025. For Michael Johnson, this endeavor represents more than a business venture; it’s a pivotal moment to contribute to the sport that has been an integral part of his life.

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“The track has been such a significant part of my life,” Johnson expressed, “and I am in a position to contribute to steering this sport back to its rightful place.”