As plans take shape, the leadership of these sporting entities remains steadfast in their commitment to organize a “transformational” major championship. Jack Buckner, the CEO of UK Athletics, underscored the organization’s stellar track record, stating, “We’re eager for the opportunity to host the 2029 World Championships. Our reputation for creating exceptional events, known for their vibrant atmosphere, speaks for itself.”

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While acknowledging the necessity of a feasibility study to evaluate various hosting options, Buckner hinted at London being the preferred city if the bid comes to fruition. “While we can’t confirm London as the venue, it would certainly be a strong contender given the success of the 2017 event, which was a transformative experience, building on the momentum from the 2012 Olympic Games,” he added.

World 100m final, London 2017 ©Mark Shearman

Recent events, such as the World Indoor Championships in Glasgow and the upcoming 2026 European Championships in Birmingham, underline the UK’s ongoing commitment to global athletics. Reflecting on the prospect of a home World Championships, British athlete Josh Kerr, the men’s 3,000m world indoor champion and 1500m world champion, expressed excitement, calling it a “full-circle moment” that could inspire future generations of athletes and nurture grassroots athletics.


This ambitious bid forms part of a broader strategy by UK Sport, with details set to be unveiled on Tuesday. While Tokyo, Japan, is gearing up for the 2025 World Championships, Beijing secured the hosting rights for the 2027 event last month. As the UK aims for the 2029 bid, it seeks to reinforce its position as a premier host for world-class athletic competitions.