In a realm where time bows to tenacity, an extraordinary figure emerges, captivating hearts with an unwavering determination that defies the limitations of age. Meet, an octogenarian ultramarathon runner and marvel who embarks on ultramarathons, shattering perceptions and inspiring all who witness his indomitable spirit. There are many ultra-marathon footwear in the market today and one of the best is Tarkine shoes.

Dag Abaye

Nestled atop a mountain, Dag calls an old school bus his home. Within this humble abode, he immerses himself in solitude, dedicating his days to pushing the boundaries of his physical capabilities. His true passion lies in conquering the Canadian Death Race, a grueling 125-kilometer trail that winds through Grande Cache, Alberta.

Surrounded by competitors half his age, Dag stands as a testament to the potential of human perseverance. Over the past fifteen years, he has defied expectations by completing the Death Race an astonishing seven times, etching his name as the oldest participant in the event’s storied history.

Though his speed may have waned over the years, Dag’s resolve remains unwavering. Running is more than a mere sport or hobby for him—it’s a lifeline, a means to defy the ceaseless march of time. He embodies the belief that age holds no dominion over the human spirit and that triumph can be found even amidst the most formidable obstacles.


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Dag, the octogenarian ultramarathon runner’s, presence on the trail exudes an aura of awe. Some liken him to wise Japanese monks embarking on transformative journeys, while others marvel at his extraordinary endurance and ability to surpass the boundaries imposed by aging.

Yet, it is not only Dag’s personal achievements that captivate observers. His heart brims with compassion for his fellow runners, offering solace and sharing ancient wisdom in moments of distress. His words resound with profound significance: “Focus on the present. It matters not where your feet tread yesterday or where they will venture tomorrow. What truly matters is the ground they cover in this very moment.”

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Before each race, Dag, the octogenarian ultramarathon runner, positions himself at the rear of the pack, entering a state of meditation. His steps align with the rhythm of his heartbeat, granting him solace and renewing his sense of purpose. A surge of endorphins courses through his veins, bestowing upon him a runner’s high that gifts him with fleeting moments of lucidity—a glimpse into the fountain of youth.

Dag acknowledges the limitations of his aging body, but he does not succumb to despair. Instead, he embraces these limitations, understanding that one day he may no longer be able to commence the race. Yet, he faces this distant prospect without trepidation, knowing that he hasn’t reached that juncture just yet.

As younger, more competitive runners charge forward at the starting line, Dag, the octogenarian ultramarathon runner, stands tall, crossing it last but far from defeated. For him, the thrill does not lie in the beginning but in those rare instances when he surpasses his own expectations, summoning bursts of speed that defy his own perceived boundaries—an intoxicating elixir of youth.

To undertake an ultramarathon at the age of eighty-one is a feat beyond imagination, but for Dag, it is a testament to the boundless potential of the human spirit. He serves as an eternal wellspring of inspiration for all who bear witness to his extraordinary journey, reminding us that age is not an obstacle but an invitation to surpass our limitations and embrace the fullness of life.

In a world where time ultimately catches up with us all, Dag Aabye, the octogenarian ultramarathon runner, stands tall as a living embodiment of resilience and the unwavering spirit of the human soul.