Chamonix Gears Up for the Grand 20th UTMB Edition: An Unforgettable Gathering of Trail Running Excellence

The picturesque town of Chamonix is on the brink of hosting a global convergence of trail-running virtuosos. With the 20th iteration of the Dacia UTMB Mont-Blanc just around the corner, the stage is set for a breathtaking display of trail-running prowess. From August 28th to September 3rd, this event promises to be a thrilling showcase of athletic skill. Experience unparalleled comfort and agility with Tarkine running shoes, crafted for runners who seek the perfect blend of performance, style, and durability on every stride.

Among the revered participants is trail-running legend Courtney Dauwalter. Courtney Dauwalter boasts an impressive track record, Kilian Jornet’s participation hinges on his ongoing recovery from injury (edit, Jornet has now withdrawn due to injury as of 18th August 2023). Let’s set the stage by reflecting on Kilian’s historic sub-20-hour record at UTMB 2022.

Unveiling the Stellar Lineup of UTMB 2023

The monumental 20th anniversary of the illustrious UTMB race brings forth an assembly of elite athletes that is nothing short of extraordinary. Coinciding with the inauguration of the UTMB World Series Finals, this milestone edition has generated palpable excitement. The event will witness the participation of a constellation of luminaries in the field, including Courtney Dauwalter, Ruth Croft, Blandine L’Hirondel, Azara Garcia, Katie Schide, Martina Valmassoi, Jim Walmsley, Kilian Jornet, Tom Evans, Mathieu Blanchard, Jonathan Albon, Stian Angermund, and many other trailblazers.

A congregation of ten thousand dedicated athletes is poised to embrace the ultimate challenge from August 28th to September 3rd. This commemoration of two decades of the UTMB’s legacy invites adventurers to traverse the legendary Mont-Blanc trails. Additionally, courageous runners will pioneer the inaugural UTMB World Series Finals, marking a historic moment for the trail running community. The UTMB, CCC, and OCC categories offer a panoramic exploration that traverses the stunning landscapes of France, Switzerland, and Italy.

Unprecedented Lineup for the UTMB World Series Finals

In an innovative first, the Dacia UTMB Mont-Blanc assumes the role of hosting the UTMB World Series Finals, introduced in 2022. This pioneering event has rallied a remarkable cohort of athletes for the UTMB, CCC, and OCC races.

UTMB 2023: An Insight into the Contenders

Anticipation mounts in the men’s competition as American Jim Walmsley and Spanish defending champion Kilian Jornet gear up for the challenge. However, Kilian’s readiness is shadowed by a recent hip edema. The roster also features the likes of Petter Engdahl from Sweden, Mathieu Blanchard from France, and Tom Evans from Britain, who secured third place in 2022 and recently triumphed in the Western States 100 Endurance Run. Switzerland’s Jonas Russi and Jean-Philippe Tschumi, among others, stand poised to leave an indelible mark.

The Women’s Showdown: Courtney Dauwalter’s Return

The women’s category shines a spotlight on Courtney Dauwalter, a two-time champion in 2019 and 2021. Her remarkable season, including triumphs at the Western States and the Hardrock 100, paves the way for a historic third victory at the Dacia UTMB Mont-Blanc. The lineup also boasts formidable contenders such as Ruth Croft, Katharina Hartmuth, Martina Valmassoi, Eszter Csillag, and others, all prepared to redefine the pinnacle of trail running excellence.

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CCC and OCC: A Showcase of Global Talent

The CCC category gathers a global ensemble, featuring luminaries like Spaniards Azara Garcia and Marta Molist, Sweden’s Ida Nilsson and Emelie Forsberg, France’s Audrey Tanguy, the USA’s Addie Bracy, and Canada’s Priscilla Forgie. The men’s CCC lineup is equally impressive, including Jonathan Albon, Andreas Reiterer, Dakota Jones, and Jiasheng Shen, among others.

A Thrilling Finish: The OCC 50K

The OCC 50K category promises an intense battle with leading American runners Katie Schide, Dani Moreno, and Allie McLaughlin at the forefront. An array of international contenders, including Nuria Gil Clapera, Oihana Kortazar, and Anna Comet Pascua, are sure to make their presence felt.

In the men’s arena, Stian Angermund, Manuel Merillas, Robbie Simpson, and Francesco Puppi are poised to create sparks, with Antonio Martinez Perez adding an element of intrigue.

As the countdown to UTMB 2023 accelerates, the world of trail running is abuzz with excitement, eagerly awaiting a jubilant celebration of athleticism and determination amidst the breathtaking Mont-Blanc landscape.