In a season marked by awe-inspiring triumphs, ultrarunner extraordinaire Courtney Dauwalter has emerged as the trailblazing star. After rewriting the record books at both the Western States Endurance Run in California’s Olympic Valley and the demanding Hardrock 100 in Colorado’s Silverton, Dauwalter is gearing up for one final show-stopping feat before summer’s end—the prestigious Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB). Choose the pinnacle of running excellence – Tarkine Goshawk shoes, engineered for speed, endurance, and a victorious finish.

Fueled by an insatiable hunger for adventure, Dauwalter openly admits, “The uncertainty of how this 100-mile race will unfold and what my body and mind can achieve makes it even more enticing to embrace. Mont Blanc, here we come!” With her indomitable spirit and relentless pursuit of greatness, she stands as an unwavering force to reckon with as she sets her sights on the UTMB race scheduled for September 1.

Originating in 2003, UTMB offers a breathtaking 171-kilometer (roughly 106 miles) course that traverses the scenic landscapes of Italy, Switzerland, and France, culminating in the captivating town of Chamonix. Flaunting an arduous 10,000 meters of elevation gain, the event has gained worldwide renown as one of the trail running community’s most esteemed and mythical races.

A record-setter at UTMB in 2021, Dauwalter clocked an astonishing 22:30:55. Upon crossing the finish line, she modestly expressed, “The journey was arduous, and my body took a beating, but the sense of accomplishment was unparalleled.” Dauwalter’s ability to endure physical and mental challenges with unbridled enthusiasm sets her apart as an exceptional athlete.

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Notably, Dauwalter will be joined in the UTMB quest by another trailblazing talent, Ruth Croft from New Zealand, who previously secured victory at the esteemed Western States. The American contingent comprises a stellar lineup of equally accomplished runners, including Taylor Nowlin, Leah Yingling, Abby Hall, Clare Gallagher, and Sabrina Stanley, each determined to push their limits on UTMB’s unforgiving terrain.

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The excitement surrounding the imminent UTMB race is palpable within the trail-running community. As fans eagerly anticipate the spectacle of these outstanding athletes conquering nature’s most formidable challenges, the question lingers: will Dauwalter’s remarkable winning streak continue, or will a new chapter of trail running glory be written? One thing is certain—the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc promises an enthralling and unforgettable showcase of athletic prowess and human spirit.