DSUF Podcast with Morgan Mitchell

Written by Craig Burns

How can I start without first saying….how fun is this chick?

I caught up with Morgan Mitchell on the Gold Coast earlier this year before she left Australia to start her 2016 Rio Olympic Games campaign. If you don’t know who Morgan Mitchell is…well c’mon…Morgan is a rising-star within Australian athletics. At the Olympics in Rio, Morgan competed in the individual 400m sprint as well as the 4x400m relay. She the fastest chick in our country in the beautiful one-lap race with a personal best of 51.25 seconds. As well as being two time national champion, she’s placed in the top 8 at the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and World Junior Championships.

Experiences shape personality.

During our conversation, the story which Morgan shared with me was so deep and grounded that I was hanging on every world. Morgan talked about the experiences she had that shaped her personality, like how her mother raised her and gave her the belief of being a honest and free person, shaping her opinions about adopting a happy life. Morgan talks about her appreciation for people, listening to good music and eating healthy, delicious food. You’ll probably pick up that Morgan has a really fun character. The way she talks is so energetic and inspiring. The whole process of interviewing Morgan was like speaking to a close friend of mine.

Money comes and goes, but make experiencing life important.

It has been a wonderful opportunity for me to have a thorough conversation with her. I can’t wait for you to hear the remarkable story of Morgan Mitchell and her unique points of view of being an eminent athlete since she first discovered her talent as a sprinter. All you want to know about Morgan Mitchell is included in this new episode of the DSUF podcast.

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