This week on Inside Running:
  • Julian gives an extremely detailed debrief on his Vic Country Champs weekend, placing 2nd in the 5000m & 1st in the 10 000m across two nights, taking in the uplifting atmosphere despite coming down.

  • Brad has another impressive week running with the Telford group, rehearses his drinking strategy and sorts out his gear though he’s still blurry on what “easy pace” means.

  • Brady goes through a vigorous treadmill session in Melbourne and goes through all the innovations in sports science for some nutrition feedback. Back home, the quarters sessions gets relocated twice after being evicted from the industrial estate’s residents.

  • In major news, Dubai Marathon is dominated by the Ethiopians, with the top 7 men running 2:04:00 – 2:04:44. The dark cloud of doping shrouds again, as lucrative prize money offers incentive for contentious times.

  • Osaka Women’s Marathon features Eloise Wellings pacing duties, with maybe an oblique hint at future plans.

  • There’s hot track action in the ACT Championships with James Hansen, Rory Hunter & Linden Hall posting 1500m B Qualifiers. Luke Mathews and Jeff Reisley put on a show running ‘A’ Qualifiers in the 800m as Georgia Griffiths adds to her impressive collection.

  • Listener Sam asks about transitioning from high volume marathon to sharper 5k training, and how important track time is to the grand scheme of marathon training.

  • Moose on the Loose is annoyed with Strava bravado before it gets overtaken as Brad Goes Mad.

  • The guest this week is Ellie Pashley, selected to represent Australia at the World Half Marathon Championships in Valencia, Spain on March 24th. She chats with her coach Julian about training consistently, the selection process for the world stage; coaching by correspondence and the workouts involved, the consequences for deviating from the plan and a social life plus more.