Brady & Julian recap their respective races at Lake Biwa marathon and are joined by guest host Ellie Pashley, who ran the 9th fastest Female Australian Marathon at Nagoya Women’s Marathon on the same day. The three competitors give insight into their respective weeks leading in and detailed accounts of each of their races.

Other results from Lake Biwa features Nick Earl edging Julian in 2:14:38, plus the results of Aaron Pulford, Brad Milosovic, Brad Kahlfeldt and Reece Edwards as well as Tom Do Canto who was a withdrawal in the later stages of the race.

Keeping with the theme of Japanese marathons, this week’s special guest is Rochelle Rodgers from Western Australia, off her 2:34 personal best at Shizuoka marathon joins Brady to give a recap of her own race that happened a few weeks before Lake Biwa & Nagoya, including how she even chose Shizuoka and the preparations after her second place at Melbourne Marathon 2018. Rochelle provides some insight into the WA running scene and how she got started via Little Athletics as well as her involvement with Front Runner Sports and coach Raf Baugh, what a typical training looks like, why she comes back to Melbourne Marathon as well as racing in Bali and how she spends her time outside of running.

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