In episode 215 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation with Prof Peter Reaburn Maximising Health & Performance of the Masters Athlete in this expert edition.

Professor Peter Reaburn dives deep into the science and the practicalities of maximising not only the health but the performance of the Master’s Athlete.  Professor Peter Reaburn is the Head of Program at Bond University’s Institute of Sport and Health on the Gold Coast, Australia. Professor Peter Reaburn currently supervises five Phd projects related to both the applied sport science and health and performance and recovery of master’s athletes. He is currently on the editorial pedal for the European review of ageing and physical activity and was previously a member of the Exercise and Sports Science Australia’s National University Course Accreditation Program.

Peter himself is a highly accomplished Athlete. A former National Champion in surf lifesaving, a Master’s national Ironman Triathlon Champion, avid road cyclist, multi gold medallist at the Australian surf lifesaving Masters titles and record holder in the big swim in Sydney with three national records in Master’s Swimming.

During this episode we explore what is the definition of successful ageing, what’s behind the rise we see in prominent master’s athletic success, we explore the physiological changes that occur as we mature, we discuss some very interesting scientific findings that show that masters athletes physiologically recover at a similar rate to younger athletes however their perception is that they recover in a poorer fashion. We speak about protein synthesis rates, the role of strength training, thermal tolerance and heat adaptation along with the top mistakes that masters athletes are making and so much more.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • How Peter’s interest in Masters Athletes began.
  • Why Peter started studying the ageing athletes
  • Findings about Ageing athletes
  • Definition of Masters Athlete
  • Acceptance of Ageing Athletes
  • Definition of Successfully Ageing
  • Physiological fitness changes occurring in Masters Athletes
  • Risk of cardiac ailments in lifetime endurance Athletes
  • Changes to Bone Density in Older Athletes
  • Perception of the Masters Athletes in Tiredness and Fatigue
  • Tips on thermal tolerance for Masters Athletes
  • Protein Synthesis rates for Masters Athletes
  • Top Mistakes older Masters Athlete make
  • Injury Profile

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“Everytime we resist the muscles it’s going to load with positive changes.”
“Major contributors in endurance athletes seem to be inevitable.”
“Intensity in training in general in older athletes tends to decrease.”
“Older athletes are far more economical.”
“Intervals are recommended for older athletes.”
“Older athletes need more protein to recover particularly after muscle damage.”

Tips on thermal tolerance for Masters Athletes
1. Make sure to pre-hydrate better
2. Drinking during
3. Use sports drink more

Top Mistakes of Masters Athlete
1. Training too hard too often
2. Older athletes do not value resistance and weight training
3. Lack of flexibility training
4. Not enough use of recovery strategies

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