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Km’s run during testing process: 200

Brooks Hyerpion Tempo is a lightweight, neutral training shoe made using a nitrogen infused super foam.  A fun, fast and snappy shoe. We put it through 200km of sessions and below is the breakdown.


  • Surface: Road or light trails.
  • Purpose:  To fun fast.  Tempo runs, sessions or shorter road races.
  • Pronation: Neutral.
  • Stack Height: 26mm heel. 18mm forefoot (this is including the removable footbed/insert).
  • Heel-to-toe-drop: 8mm
  • Weight:
    • Men’s: 7.2 oz/204grams (size 9). Women’s: 6.3 oz (size 8).
    •  ‘DNA Flash Cushioning’.   A super foam made using a nitrogen infused EVA supercritical foaming process.
  • Upper: Knit.
  • Midsole Flexibility: Moderate to stiff.
  • Durability: Moderate.
  • Outsole: Strategic, thin rubber to reduce weight whilst achieving adequate traction.
  • Heel Counter: Stiff, hard to bend.
  • Fits: Runs true to size.
  • Price:

Against some rivals


The Hyperion is kicking some arse on the weight front.

Shoe (all size US 9 Men) Weight (grams) Drop (mm) Stack Heights Price (AUD)
Hoka Rincon 3 210grams 5mm 29mm/24mm $199.95
Brooks Hyperion Tempo 204grams 8mm 26mm/18mm $299.95
Saucony Kinvara 212grams 4mm 28mm/24mm $199.99
Hoka Mach 4 227grams 5mm 29mm/24mm $259.95
Brooks Launch 8 244grams 10mm 26mm/16mm $199.95
On Cloudflow 232grams 6mm 22mm/16mm $229.95
Nike Peg Turbo 215grams 10mm 28mm/18mm $250.00

Cool things about this shoe

  • Super foam: The Nitrogen infused supercritical EVA is lovely, snappy yet soft.  Brooks are nailing their midsole foams.
  • Not too much foam:  In a day and age when brands are bringing out high stack maximalist shoes, the Hyperion provides a lovely option for those that want to be closer to the ground, yet still have a snappy and fast ride.

Uncool things about This Shoe

  • No plate: This is a positive as much as a negative.  Runners these days are in love with carbon plates, but they aren’t for everyone. Runner’s need to trade a lot of ground feel when they run in shoes with plates, and shoes like the Hyperion achieve similar speeds without the added stiffness.

To buy or not to buy?

If you love your high stack shoes this isn’t for you. But if you are more of a traditionalist and like shoes of yesteryear, but with super foam – you’ll love the Hyperion Tempo.

Written by Sam Burke for Runner’s Tribe.

Disclaimer: Runner’s Tribe were given a pair of Hyperions  for free.