In this extensive Runner’s Tribe series the world’s best ultra and trail runners share their training. Every few days we will be posting a new athletes’ weekly program during a peak training period. First off the bat is two-time (2017 & 2019) Skyrunner World Series winner, Sheila Avilés Castaño.

  • Home Town: Santa Margarida de montbui (Barcelona) Spain.
  • Favourite Trails:  Livigno, Dolomites, Montserrat…
  • Favourite Race:  Livigno skyrace, Montserrat skyrace, Buff epic trail, zacup skyrace…
  • Best Result to Date: 2 times winner circuit of skyrunning world series (2017 and 2019) and 3th position in World Championship in Portugal (2019)
  • Sponsors: Adidas TERREX
  • Occupation (if not only a pro runner): Pro runner and coach
  • Instagram handle:
  • Facebook handle:


  • MONDAY: REST or 40′ with elliptical
  • Tuesday:  2h10 in easy trail and 10′ warm up  4 x ( 20′ 150-160 + 10′ 165-175).
  • WEDNESDAY:  morning: 1h easy cycling (fasting) afternoon: Sets in downhills- 10′ warm up + 6 repetition x 5′ (3:45min/km) rest easy uphills.
  • THURSDAY:  morning: strength afternoon: 2h easy cycling with positives + slopes
  • FRIDAY:   R E S T and recovery
  • SATURDAY: 4h cycling with good cadency 
  • SUNDAY:  morning: 40 easy run (fasting) afternoon; 2h in Montserrat (techicals trails).
What shoes and other gear are you using currently in training
Shoes: Adidas speed LD or adidas speed (super light and comfortable).
Gear: Adidas terrex outfits. See links below.
Thank you!