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Julian tries to put Ellie’s performance at Zatopek behind her.

Brad’s kid lifting routine plays up on his back and reveals interest in his gold prospecting

Brady’s taking steps to resolve his knee issues gets into Morgan McDonald’s YouTube and Out of Thin Air by Michael Crawley

Charlie Hunter sets a new Indoor Mile National Record in Arkansas, representing the University of Oregon.

The New Zealand Mile Championship makes its return with Sam Tanner and Camille Buscombe taking top honours. Athletics New Zealand

Listener Question asks how good was Steve Prefontaine really and Moose goes Loose half steppers on the cooldown.

Looking to the week ahead featuring the Parkdale Gift and the NSW 5000m Championships as well as some bonus shows available to Patreon subscribers.

Izzi Batt-Doyle chats with Brady, fresh off her second place in Zatopek:10 and running the 9th fastest 10,000m all time, debriefing her performance of the night and plans going in ahead.

Izzi gives a brief history of her personal bests and how pivotal the City-Bay Fun Run in Adelaide played in her budding running career. From here she made the decision to pursue running on a more serious level, pursuing a NCAA scholarship in the USA first with St John University in New York, then transferring to University of Washington going into the decision and transfer process between colleges, sharing her insights and takeaways from her time in the system. Among her challenges was dealing with former coach Greg Metcalf and how training under him attributed to multiple bone stress injuries and mental burnout sustained from the intense racing schedule, and the routine of training under Metcalf up until his resignation amid harassment allegations which lead to the huge cultural change with the instatement of the Andy & Maurica Powell and the positivity they brought to the cross country program.

Amongst winning the NCAA 10,000m Bronze, Izzi goes into the impact of sustaining injuries both physically and mentally and the support from her boyfriend Riley, then draws closer to the present day with the return home to Adelaide and having a breakout domestic season during the pandemic in 2020 as well as the transition to her coaching business Run As One.

Izzi rounds out the interview with how her training is structured now, what her inspirations and future trajectory within running are and what it means to “pour from a full cup”.


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Greg Metcalf departing University of Washington

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