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RT Journal by Craig Burns | Pressure Cooker of Competition

It’s that time of year again. The next 2 months are fuller than a butcher’s dog. It seems like every weekend there is a competition to go to and in a way that is a blessing.­ I still need to chase down that qualifying time.

Burns and Beck at Canberra Classic 2015
Burns and Beck at Canberra Classic 2015

My domestic season of competition swings into motion this weekend with my first tour meet in Canberra. Last year I ran a PB time in Canberra which triggered a season with progressive PB’s.

From Canberra, I will compete at the Queensland State Champs. After that, I may head down to Melbourne to hit out a 200m (or stay in Brisbane to run another 400m at a local comp). The following weekend I’ll make the long treck to Perth (my favourite place in Australia to compete) to run a 400m. Then back again to Brisbane for the Brisbane Track Classic, and then finally a fortnight after the Brisbane Track Classic, Nationals will be in Sydney.

It’s a very short and sharp domestic season this year with Athletics Australia doubling up and running simultaneous competitions at different locations on the same weekend. The next 6/7 weeks will hopefully be a well timed build up as competition increases and focus intensifies.

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