‘Athletepreneur’ provides elite athletes from around the globe with the opportunity to earn an income from their talents and in time will hopefully help bridge the pay gap, to some degree, between athletics and most other sports.  All revenue generated will be shared, allowing athletes in many respects, to run their own online business via Runner’s Tribe.

In conjunction with numerous elite athletes from around the globe, Runner’s Tribe will be publishing in-depth training diaries and exclusive content, provided to us from the athletes themselves.  The content will be more comprehensive than ever before and provide real first-hand knowledge about what it takes to become a champion or just one extremely fit person.

Users will have the ability to pay to view any particular article with Tapview, a leading online payment company used by many large organisations, including the listed company Fairfax. The Tapview technology is very simple and takes less than 15 seconds to sign up. Once signed up, to read a certain article only requires a ‘tap’ of the mouse.

Tapview is a safe and reliable service created for ease of use and reliability in obtaining quality media.

We also offer all ‘Athletepreneur’ submissions in specially formatted e-book forms with all popular secured payment options available on the Runner’s Tribe online store.

Runner’s Tribe will continue to publish free daily content, as we have been doing since 2007. ‘Athletepreneur’ is a brand new section, our traditional free content will keep rolling, every day, every week, for many years to come.

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