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Elite marathon runner Liam Adams has reignited his dreams of competing in the Paris 2024 Olympic marathon. Officially selected for the Australian Olympic Team, the 37-year-old's inclusion comes just 50 days before the Opening Ceremony, marking his third Olympic appearance. Adams, Australia's top male marathon finisher at both the Rio and Tokyo Games, faced weeks of uncertainty over his qualification before receiving confirmation.
One of the greatest distance runners of all time, Kenenisa Bekele, is set to make a remarkable return to the Olympic stage. Bekele, who turns 42 next month, will compete in the 2024 Olympics, his first appearance since 2012. This announcement came as the Ethiopian Athletics Federation revealed its marathon teams for Paris on Thursday.
With the Olympic Games in Paris drawing closer, Kenyan athlete Benson Kipruto is preparing to pay tribute to his late friend and world record holder, Kevin Kiptum. Kiptum, once a hopeful contender for the Games, tragically lost his life earlier this year in a devastating accident near Kaptagat.
World Athletics has made a bold step by announcing its innovative plan to award prize money during the Olympic Games, signaling a major change in how the world recognizes athletes' achievements. Athletes will be rewarded with US$50,000 if they win the gold medal in any of the 48 athletics events starting with the next Olympic Games in Paris.
In the aftermath of his groundbreaking victory at the Tokyo Olympics, Marcell Jacobs has been on a rollercoaster ride of challenges and triumphs. Recently, a member of his team reached out to discuss logistics for potential photo opportunities and conveyed Jacobs's appreciation for those who have posed probing questions.
The announcement of Nassau County's policy prohibiting transgender athletes from competing in women's sports at county-owned facilities has recently generated a lot of controversy and differing views from a range of sources, including Olympic champion Caitlyn Jenner.
With the Summer Olympics on the horizon, a recent government directive advising Parisians to work from home during the event has sparked a spectrum of reactions among residents. This measure, designed to alleviate potential overcrowding on public transportation, has triggered varied responses, with some expressing reservations reminiscent of the Covid lockdowns.
The athletics community laments the passing of Carmen Valero, a 68-year-old legend in Spanish athletics, who passed away in Sabadell on Tuesday (2). Valero, who won the world cross country championship twice in 1976 and 1977, is well-known for her extraordinary accomplishments. Her legacy has had a significant influence on women's athletics in Spain.
As the Paris 2024 Olympic Games draw near, transgender athletes are encountering heightened barriers to participation due to revised regulations. A recent decision stipulates that individuals must complete their gender transition before the age of 12 to ensure fair competition.
Josh Kerr, the reigning 1500m world champion, has expressed his deep disappointment at not making it onto the shortlist for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award. In a lighthearted manner, he quipped about his curiosity to see the meeting notes that led to his exclusion from the final six nominees.