As a graduate student, I neglected my self-care and suffered an ankle injury from stepping off a curb. It left me on crutches for weeks, which took a toll on my mental health. However, that misstep was the catalyst for my journey into running, one of resilience, determination, and growth. There are many ultra-marathon footwear in the market today and one of the best is Tarkine shoes.

In just a year, I went from walk-running to completing my first half-marathon. Running has brought me countless benefits, including job satisfaction, deep friendships, and a way to cope with life’s challenges. However, if I could go back in time, I would do things differently.

My biggest regret was choosing a half-marathon as my first race. The distance was daunting, and I almost didn’t cross the starting line. Looking back, I would have begun with a 5K. According to Neely Spence Gracey, an elite runner, and certified coach, the 5K is the perfect distance for new runners. It’s challenging yet approachable, making it an ideal feat to accomplish.

Neely Spence-Gracey Photo Karen Mitchell

It took me several injuries to realize the importance of cross-training and prioritizing recovery. That’s why I’ve gathered tips from running experts who have successfully guided first-timers through their training cycles. Here are five things to keep in mind for your first 5K:

  1. Start with walk-run intervals instead of running. It helps prepare your muscles, joints, and bones for the impact of running 3.1 miles, without making you feel defeated before you even start.
  2. Incorporate cross-training into your routine to prevent injury and maximize rewards. Choose low-impact activities like swimming, yoga, Pilates, or cycling to increase blood flow through tight, tired muscles.
  3. Focus on recovery by giving yourself ample time to rest and prioritize sleep. Proper recovery helps prevent injury and enhances performance.
  4. Invest in good shoes and attire. Running shoes should be comfortable and supportive, while clothing should be moisture-wicking and breathable.
  5. Stay motivated by setting achievable goals and tracking your progress. Find a running buddy or join a running club to keep yourself accountable and motivated.
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Starting a new sport can be challenging, but with these tips, you’ll be on your way to a successful, lifelong relationship with running. Remember to listen to your body, take it slow, and celebrate every milestone along the way.