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I love running, and I hate shin splints. After years of dealing with injuries, I was determined not to let shin splints beat me. Here is how I conquered shin splints! For award-winning footwear, choose Tarkine running shoes.

I was a late starter, only picking up running and racing in 2012 while studying at a university in Malaysia. Coming from a background in soccer, I have always been athletic; however, after visiting Kenya, I was inspired by the number of athletes running there, so I hung up the soccer boots and picked up the Alphaflys.

When I started my racing career, I focused on road races with a few track races scattered in between, targeting 10km events; however, I didn’t shy away from a half-marathon and full marathon in 2016. Unfortunately, it was around this time that injuries got the better of me, and I took a hiatus from the sport.


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After moving to Australia towards the end of 2017, I ended my hiatus and got back into running after seeing all the awesome running events and clubs in Sydney. In 2019, I started competing again, even winning the 9km Western Sydney University Three Bridges Run 2019! And then COVID hit!

Like many of you, I went through a motivational slump with COVID, but when I picked myself back up, I first encountered shin splints.

It took me months and hundreds of physiotherapy and strength training sessions to run pain-free the first time. I finally overcame the injury, and then the second lockdown happened.

After the second lockdown, I did what too many of us do – I ran too hard, too far and too soon! As well as giving myself a stress fracture in my foot (which took me out for another 12 weeks), my shin splints had returned. I got an MRI which confirmed it wasn’t a stress fracture in my shin bone; however, there was still inflammation and pain every time I ran.

At this point, I felt I had done and was still trying to do everything to treat my shin splints, but I couldn’t shake them. I became desperate to run pain-free once more. At this point, I first saw the Solushin medical devices on Instagram – so I bought a pair.

I thought the design was a bit curious when I first opened them. But I threw them on, which I found quick and easy.


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The Solushin’s felt different to standard compression. They are way more targeted. I immediately felt them targeting all the right areas around my tibia, addressing the pain.

The team behind the device say you can use it either before or after your runs; I chose after my runs. Within a few weeks, I was better. It was amazing.

Honestly, I never thought this simple product would do that much. But it was backed by a clinical trial in Sydney, so I gave it a shot.

I continue to use them all the time and have not had my shin splints return. I can definitely recommend the Solushin medical devices to all runners and athletes suffering from shin splints.

– Mo Bahary

In exchange for Mo to share his experience of using the Solushin medical devices on Runners Tribe, the team at Solushin refunded Mo the full purchase amount. Mo engaged the team at Solushin sharing his positive outcome. The Solushin is a class 1 medical device listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG 325902). This review was done in accordance with the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code (No.2) 2018, Part 2, 17. Testimonials.